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Honoring Sargeant Leonard Budd JR

Leonard R Budd, Jr. U.S. Marine Corps 1965-1973 Cold War 1965-1973 Vietnam War 1967-1973 (POW) born October 15, 1946
Sergeant Leonard “Lenny” Budd was deployed to South Vietnam, where he served with Company C, 9th Motor Transport Battalion of the 3rd Marine Division. During an engagement he was captured by Viet Cong forces. It was 17 months before the Communist announced he was alive. He spent over 5 years in captivity in camps in North Vietnam. On December 21 1968 Lenny’s mom got to listen to a recorded message with her son's voice. Sgt Budd would not be released until March 1973.
Lenny headed his welcome home parade riding in a white Cadillac in Rowley 1973. Gov.Saltonstall thanked him for his service and female attendees smothered him with gratitude kisses. A bank book containing $2,000 was gifted to him and the Jaycees presented him with a plaque honoring him as the outstanding man of the year. Lenny was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for his courage to resist the harsh treatment of his captors and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”
In a phone interview with Lenny (now residing in North Carolina) noted he was exhausted and overwhelmed that day. He even fell asleep at one point, but he will never forget how his hometown made him feel special. Lenny met his wife Gail at that parade and the couple had four children. Lenny lived in the Port and worked as a postman with his good friend Andy Parks.

April 8, 1973 Paper: Boston Herald At Rowley MA

Bud with sisters Beth, 17 and Elaine 23 at Rowley Parade

December 21, 1968 Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA)

September 11, 1970 Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA) 

March 4, 1973 Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA) 

April 7, 1974  Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA) 

Boston Herald American February 21 1975 1975

Leonard R Budd Bronze Star: The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" to Sergeant Leonard R. Budd, Jr. (MCSN: 0-2132168), United States Marine Corps, for meritorious service while interned as a Prisoner of War (POW) in Southeast Asia from August 1967 to March 1973. Sergeant Budd's ceaseless efforts by a continuous showing of resistance to the enemy, who ignored all international agreements concerning treatment of POW's, demonstrated professional competence, unwavering devotion and loyalty to the United States. Resisting the harsh treatment of his captors, Sergeant Budd was instrumental in maintaining the system of communications established by the prisoners. By so doing, he fostered the morale of his fellow POW's and solidified their efforts to resist the attempts of the enemy to attain dominance over them. Sergeant Budd's adherence to the Code of Conduct and overall exemplary performance reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. (Sergeant Budd is authorized to wear the Combat "V".) Sergeant Leonard R. Budd, Jr. (MCSN: 0-2132168), United States Marine Corps, was held as a Prisoner of War in Southeast Asia from August 21, 1967 until his release on March 5, 1973.

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Ripley's Raiders Vietnam Chronicles By Russell J Jewett


  1. Thank you so much for researching and writing this story!

    I was doing my own research on a different topic when the article of September 11, 1970 caught my eye. I began to wonder if Sergeant Budd had ever made it hope.

    I didn't expect to be able to find out what happened to him. Sounds as though he's had a happy and fulfilling life.

    Thank you. Great job researching.

  2. I enjoyed this article immensely.

    Very well researched - it brought back a lot of memories.

    Thank you for sharing his, and later their, story.