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John William Rand and Ella Robens Golden Anniversary 1928

Boston Globe September 12 1928
Dr John William Rand (1853-1932) and Ella Robens (1857-1935) daughter of Moses Robens and Maria Smith. 

There is a Moses Robens was listed as a physician and herbalist in the census--in History of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan he is noted as an "Indian doctor" on Monroe Street and had a successful practice. Ella's siblings mentioned in article: Jennie Robens m Mr. Jameson, George Gaylord Robens m. Ada Sophia Mason (Dort) widow of William Thompson Dort. 

Dr Rand was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts son of William Hancock Rand (1829-1917) and Mary Ann Bartlett Long (1827-1861) He met Mrs Rand in Ann Arbor Michgan while he was working on his medical degree. They married on September 11 1878. They had 3 daughters: Mabel (1880-1949) m Frederick Norbert Strehle, Rena Maria (1886-1918) m Albert Place, and Ella (1888-1918) m Chester Simmons Colson. 
Dr Rand and Ella had a summer cottage on Lake Attitash. Dr Rand was active in the community and ran a commercial store in addition to his medical practice. 
Ella's mother also lived in Amesbury with them.

I have PDF articles on Dr Rand and family please contact me to send.

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