Friday, June 5, 2015

1915 Record Storms Result in Fatal Deaths in New England

Flooding in Winthrop 'surf' January 1915 Photo by Leslie Jones Boston Public Library Collection 
Storm raises havoc, Winthrop, MA. Faun Bar Ave. homes damaged, sea wall broken.Photo by Leslie Jones Boston Public Library Collection
January 13 1915 From The Boston Globe Flood Waves Undermined Tracks of the R. B. B&L RR Beats on Shore Houses Morning Tide 6 Foot Deep
A remarkable surf picture at Winthrop Beach during a big northeaster by Leslie Jones From Boston Library Collection

Here is New York City 1915 aftermath of Storm Piles of snow render New York City streets nearly impassible in this photograph from 1915. Even after shovelers and snowplows cleared streets, cities were faced with a new problem: how to clear the resulting piles of snow. Even today, after particularly heavy snowfalls, cities still struggle to clear the mounds of snow left behind by plows. From National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, from "Snow removal in New York City," in The Municipal Engineer, November 1915
Easter 1915 South Main Street Middleborough, MA looking southwestward from Nickerson Avenue (right) and Webster Street (left). The street is virtually impassable save for the street railway tracks.From Recollecting Nemasket Blog 

 Easter whiteout: The improbable blizzard of 1915 From Philly Archives Newspaper

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