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The Hart sisters of Essex Massachusetts painted by Lee Lufkin Kaula

The Tea Party watercolor painted by Lee Lufkin Kaula in Essex, Massachusetts. Subjects Grace Manning Hart and Dorothy Endicott Hart. Paper note: "To my friend Mrs. Hart ---1905-Lee Lufkin Kaula--''The Tea Party'' This painting was put on exhibit and listed in "The Boston Art Club: exhibition record, 1873-1909" exhibit along with her Portrait of Josephine Preston Peabody, Across the Canal Hermine Margaret, Agnes Portrait of Mrs. W. and in "Record of the Carnegie Institute's International Exhibitions: 1896-1996" published 1999 

"Dorothy" by Lee Lufkin Kaula. Dorothy Endicott Hart Lufkin used Hart as a model for several paintings. A painting "Dorthy" was exhibited at the New York Water Color Club in 1904 may have been a different on that Lufkin painted of Hart 

Lee Lufkin (1855-1957) and her husband William Jurian Kaula (1871-1953) spent summers in Essex, Massachusetts and St Johnsbury, Vermont.

The Hart family was antiquated with Lufkin and her family. The church record show the Hart and Lufkin family attended the same church in Essex. 

      The Hart House on Spring Street in Essex, Massachusetts

George Albert Hart in his parlor reading the news. He was a provisioner in the Essex, Gloucester area.  

Some Photos and Genealogy of the Hart Family in Essex, Massachusetts. 

George Albert Hart (1864-1938) son Henry Jackson and Lois Shute of Ipswich, Massachusetts. He married Bessie M. Wilson (1868-1951) daughter of Matthew Wilson and Mary Lennon of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to the Essex home the Hart's also maintained the historic Hart House in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, built in 1673 by Issac Hart and remained in the family for ten generations. The Hart family married into some of the most prominent families in New England which include two relations of Governor John Endicott, the Putnam and Tapley line of Salem, Massachusetts, and Towne and Estes line of Topsfield, Massachusetts. The Hart's held high positions in both military and political offices. Others were notorious sea captains such as Captain Samuel Hart and Captain Charles Hart

George and Bessie Hart had three daughters--Grace Manning Hart, Dorothy Endicott Hart, and Mary Lois Hart (1908-1978). Grace and Dorothy are the Hart girls who served as subject models for Lufkin when she was in Essex during summer months. Below are two photos of Dorothy Endicott Hart and Grace Manning Hart in Essex, Massachusetts

Grace Manning Hart (1897-1969) attended Smith College and continued studies at the University of Maine. She married William J. Marlowe lived and settled in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  William was the Vice-President of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Company and a decorated World War I veteran.  Grace and William had two children: William J. Marlowe Jr. and Elizabeth Hart Marlowe.

Dorothy Endicott Hart Cook (1900-1993) graduated University Maine in 1923. Married Clement Cook had one son, Richard Hart Cook, born in Woodstock, VT, on August 17, 1928.  Dorothy had a long career as an educator and received awards from  From 1954 to 1961, Richard was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C.  From 1962 to 1982, Richard was the Deputy Director of Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany.  Richard died on November 25, 2002.

Below is from the First Congregational Church of Essex, Massachusetts records 1909.

Lee Lufkin Kaula Self Portrait in a Japanese Kimono Lee Lufkin sold at Auction 2009. Lufkin was portrait and genre painter--impressionist painter known for luminous landscapes and scenes of villages. Lufkin (1865-1957) was the daughter of Chauncey Forbush Lufkin and and Rachel Barr. 
Lufkin's early education was at Lasell Seminary in Auburndale, Massachusetts. Later studied art, Metropolitan Museum Art School, New York. She spent three years in Paris studied under Girardot, Courtois, the Colarossi Academy, and Aman-Jean, Collin, Academie Colarossi in Paris, France. Charles Melville Dewey in New York Metropolitan Art Schools. Medal, Colarossi Academy, Paris, 1897. 
Exhibited at the Paris Salon; Soc. of Amer. Artists (N. Y.); Carnegie Inst. (Pittsburg); Penna. Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia); Natational Academy of Design (N. Y.); Pan-Amer. Exp.; Charleston (S. C.) Exp.; St. Louis Exp.; etc. Represented in the Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts. Has executed portraits of several prominent persons; conducts art class during summer months at Essex, Mass. Address, 368 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Summers, Essex, Mass.
Memberships: Boston Art Club, New York Woman's Art Club. Studio located 311 Fenway Studios 30 Ipswich Street. 

Lufkin married artist William J Kaula son of Matthew Kaula and Mary Wesley on June 4, 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Kaula was known for his marvelous gift atmosphere landscapes in oils; born in Boston, Massachusetts. Both are considered members of the Boston school of painting (1880-1913) and are often dubbed "Tarbellites" because of their close association with Edmund C. Tarbell. Kaula eventually turned to painting impressionistic New Hampshire landscapes and although Lufkin painted street scenes in Europe she was primarily known for her interior genres depicting women of leisure. From Pierce Galleries
Studied at Mass. Normal Art School (Boston); Cowles Art School (Boston); in Paris at Colarossi Acad,, and Acad, Viti. Exhibited at the Paris New Salon; Soc. of Amer. Artists (N. Y.); Nat. Acad, of Design (N. Y.); Penna. Acad, of Fine Arts (Phila.); Chicago Art Inst.; Boston Art Club; St. Louis World's Fair. Member of the Amer. Art Ass'n (Paris). Boston Art Club; Boston Water Color Club; N. Y. Water Color Club. Address, 368 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.

Other Examples of Lufkins work young children are below  
In Academy Notes, Volume 4, Issue 7 Buffalo Fine Arts Academy 1908 New York Exhibit: "two beautiful portrait studies by Mrs. Lee Lufkin Kaula — a young girl in a white dress with a red cap and red ribbons, and a girl in a blue school-dress, with blue hat and crimson ribbons." 
New England Magazine "New England Artist" 1904: "Two portraits by Lee Lufkin Kaula are painted with a sympathetic understanding of character and a most clever handling of the material. One is of an earnest looking girl in a white dress, which received marked appreciation at the Paris Salon."

Girls Playing on a Hillside, oil on canvas, 24" x 29", by American artist Lee Lufkin Kaula whose style is reminiscent of Mary Cassatt. Kaula is one of the artists featured at J.M. Stringer Gallery's exhibition. Photo from Vero Beach Magazine 2014 "The Fine Art Of Running A Gallery." 

Lot 166: Lee Lufkin Kaula (American, 1865-1957), Portrait of Hathaway Stetson, Signed or inscribed ""Lee Lufkin Kaula 1912" Skinner Auction 2002
Mother Reading With Two Girls 1910 sold at Christie's Auction 2010

"Dinah & I", watercolor on board Photo from Rovka's Studio

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