Monday, November 26, 2018

Wing and Davis Quaker lines

Newspaper Find in 1907 Looking for more information. The recorded dates on vitals may not be correct. The article is on Mrs Ann C Riker (1817-1911) who is Anne Chase Thorne, daughter of James Thorne and Sarah Chase and wife on Henry L Riker (1814-1894).
The Quaker marriage record between Wing and Davis.
Brice Wing (1754-1810) son of Daniel Wing (1734-1790) and Lydia Shepherd married Mary Davis (1757-1851) daughter of Benjamin Davis (1728-1803) and Lydia Nichols (1730-1804) of Salem Massachusetts maybe daughter of Thomas Nichols and Mary Buffum
Ann Riker was related through Sarah Davis (1762-1849) daughter of Benjamin and Lydia who married James Chase (1758-1803)

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  1. She was from very good stock like me she descended from the Wing & Chase Family of Massachusetts Bay Colony. I just turned 74 and my sister just turned 87. We both are in a good state of preservation. My ancestor was Thomas Fox of Concord, Massachusetts as well. I am William L. Fox 11th generation in my Fox Line.We now have 3 additional generations making a total of 14 generations.