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Sewall Short Inventions and Patents

Sewall Short (1796-1857) born in Newburyport, Massachusetts to William Short and Elizabeth "Betsy" Pike ( 1775-1839) Sewall's gr. grandfather was cabinet maker Joseph Short. In December 1821 he married Eunice Jenkins. I found some inventions and patents Sewall was credited for. This is beginning research and more on this, but sharing what I have found so far.

In 1830, Sewall Short and Noah Bradford submitted a patent application for the submarine explorer. In their application, they claimed that they had created a water-tight suit, different from any diving apparatus known before.
Drawing of Submarine Explorer National Archives

Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Feb 03, 1838 Nantucket, MA Page: 3
Nantucket Inquirer

Sewall Short patent Furnaces through which the charge is moved mechanically, e.g. of tunnel type; Similar furnaces in which the charge moves by gravity heated without contact between combustion gases and charge; electrically heated heated by hot air or gas

1837-09-06 Application granted
1837-09-06 Publication of US421A
1854-09-06 Anticipated expiration

New York Daily Whig; Mr. S. Short; Invented; Operation: Nantucket Inquirer Wednesday, Sep 12, 1838  Nantucket, MA Vol: XVIII Issue: 72 Page: 2

Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Aug 10, 1833 Nantucket, MA Vol: XIII Issue: 63 Page: Copy of 3

Nantucket Inquirer Tuesday, Nov 11, 1823 Nantucket, MA Vol: III Issue: 46 Page: 4

Newburyport Herald Friday, Dec 18, 1829 Newburyport, MA Page:
Improvement In Stringed Instruments Boston Recorder Thursday, Feb 02, 1854 Boston, MA Vol: XXXIX Issue: 5 Page: 20
Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Dec 01, 1832 Nantucket, MA Vol: XII Issue: 48 Page:

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