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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Eastman Family Line and Allied Families

Elizabeth Chase (1794-1882) daughter Jeremiah Chase (1762-1823) and Hannah Pillsbury (1763-1846) She married Jonathan Eastman son of Jeremiah Eastman and Edna Poore She was the granddaughter of Lt Abel Chase and Hannah Morse; William Pillsbury and Mary Cheney.

Home of Jonathan Eastman and Elizabeth Chase on Elm Street Salisbury, Massachusetts Children: Adeline Eastman (1813-1893) married Charles Oliver Stearns (1813-1906) Joseph Leonard Eastman (1818-1864) married Clara Augustine Clark* ( Harriet Newall Eastman (1815-1900) never married

Sarah Elizabeth Eastman daughter of Joseph Leonard Eastman and Clara Augusta Clark* (granddaughter of daughter of Jonathan Eastman and Elizabeth Chase). She married Charles Henry Rogers (1851-1889) They had one son: Henry Ernest Rogers (1875-1940) married Anna Gertrude King  

* Clara Augusta Clark was daughter of George Clark and Abigail Hanson. After Joseph Leonard died she married Dr Edmund Tucker Eastman son of Joshua Eastman and Susan Chase Her sister,
Phebe Amelia Clark (1814-1906) married William Pratt (1812-1900) 

Phebe Amelia Clark (1814-1906) daughter of George Clark (1790-1877) Abigail Hanson (1789-1865) and  William Pratt (1812-1900) son of Thomas Pratt (1773-1835) and Lucy Turner (1777-1837) of Cohassett, Massachusetts Photo from Richard Pratt Collection

February 25 1905 The Boston Globe

Friday, November 23, 2018

Ellen Dorcas Stearns of Salisbury Remembered

Ellen (Nell) Dorcas Stearns October 30, 1845 – Feb 2, 1945 daughter of Charles Oliver Stearns (1813-1906) and Adeline Eastman Stearns (1813-1893). Thanks Ruthie Stearns for photos

Newspaper clip Amesbury Daily News, published in Amesbury, Massachusetts on Thursday, October 29th, 1942 and photo of Nell on her 90th birthday and another of her family and friends gathering for a photo on her day of birthday celebration

This photo of the extended Stearns family was taken in 1935, at Nell’s 90th birthday celebration at the Elm Street house. Shown here, first row, Florence Swett Chisholm Morrill, Polly Richards, Ellen Dorcas Stearns, Howard Oliver Stearns, Jr. and Howard Oliver Stearns, Sr.  Back row, Roy Richards, Ethel Swett Williams, Roy Richards Jr., Nettie Florence Gould Stearns, Fannie Stearns Swett, Mr. George Morrill, Marion Swett Richards, Mr. Williams, William Dennett Stearns.  Ethel, 50, in the back row holding Roy Jr., looks in the peak of health, but died four days after the photo was taken.

Amesbury Daily News Febuary 3 1945 Obit 

The Stearns Clan from the left Adeline Eastman Stearns and daughters  Fannie, Ellen, Gustie, and Charles Oliver outside the home

Nells home at 315 Salisbury now located on Bartlett Farm in Salisbury, MA moved see Newburyport News article