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Friday, October 13, 2017

Ancestry Hunts: Find Ancestor Photos and Going Back 150+ Years – How To Find Pre-1850 Ancestors

A series of images depicting Victorian women wearing crinolines, circa 1860.  
Photo Search Article: A face to the name: How to find photos of your ancestors
If you’re lucky enough to go so far back, you’ll likely find the process of identifying ancestors pre-1850 to be quite the challenge. Check out Using Searching Pre-1850 Censuses, by Juliana Smith and

Friday, September 1, 2017

Genealogy Magazine Video Series Helpful Tips Finding your Ancestors Episode 1: Courthouse Research

James Pylant, editor for Genealogy has just released his first video from a new series offering informative tips on Tracing your Ancestors. The first is on Courthouse Research and all the wealth of information that can be obtained! James offers a few guidelines that will help you through this process. The courthouse often houses Vital Records, Deeds, Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates, Military, Civil and more! Click link to watch video Episode One