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Sunday, March 8, 2020

A Scam to Claim Railroad Magnate Mark Hopkins Fortune

Photo: Mark Hopkins, American railroad magnate, co-founder of the Central Pacific Railroad. Credit: I.W. Taber; Wikimedia Commons.
California railroad magnate Mark Hopkins died in 1878 without a will or designated heir – and the huge fortune he left behind was under siege for more than a century by scammers claiming a connection to the man, and therefore his money. Read more of my story at GenealogyBank W. R. Moss’ Hoax: A Scam for the Hopkins Fortune

Friday, March 6, 2020

Revolutionary War Hero Enoch Poor

Brigadier General Enoch Poor/Poore (1736-1780), born in Andover, Massachusetts, to Thomas Poor/Poore (1704-1779) and Mary Adams (1707-1789), married Martha Osgood (1747-1830), daughter of Colonel John Osgood (1712-1775) and Martha Carleton (1722-1755). Photo: The statue and monument erected in honor of Enoch Poor, a brigadier general during the American Revolutionary War. This statue is located between the Hackensack Courthouse and Poor’s final resting place, the old burial grounds of the First Reformed Church in Hackensack, New Jersey