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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Old Ironsides to be Rebuilt and Saved!

The Constitution, Famous Fighting Frigate of The War of 1812, cannot be Drydocked and Must be Repaired Afloat
Article From Thursday, July 30, 1925 Springfield Republican (Springfield, MA)

In just a few short months, the Stock Market would crash and the Great Depression would begin, plunging the U.S. and the world into financial chaos for years. Here, on Constitution’s spar deck, Lt. John A. Lord stands amidst a different "chaos" – that of a multi-year, near complete re-building of "Old Ironsides". By the time this restoration was completed, 85% of the ship had been "renewed" (the U.S. Navy’s term) From NHHC

The earliest known photograph of Constitution, undergoing repairs in 1858.
Constitution undergoing repairs at the Navy yard, Portsmouth, N.H. 1858.

Captain Isaac Hull, USN (1773-1843)

USS CONSTITUTION vs. HMS JAVA December 29, 1812

Old Ironsides Earns Her Nickname: The USS Constitution versus HMS Guerriere War of 1812

Queen Elizabeth and General Douglas MacArthur
Fortune Favors the Brave – a look at the Marines aboard the USS Constitution

Constitution battles Cyane and Levant
Custom House Maritime Museum Newbryport
Download for John A Lord Collection
    Old Ironsides And Our Family Connection
First women sailor