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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mayflower Descendants A Breed Apart

Mayflower Passengers photo from Miami Dades School

Michael Coakley, Chicago Tribune 1985  As an emergency room nurse, Barbara Merrick well understands that there is much in life more important than joining the Society of Mayflower Descendants. Nonetheless, in her avocation as historian of that elite, hereditary organization, the sensible Merrick encounters many aspiring members each year who covet her seal of approval as if nothing else on this Earth truly mattered.Click link to read article Mayflower Descendants A Breed Apart Additional News clips on Mayflower Descendants Great Tidbits!
Mayflower Descendants Make Plans for State Convention 1955 Dallas, Texas

December 24, 1922 Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, Washington) I have a full PDF and would be happy to forward just post or send an email. From Left to Right Mrs Eleanor Ingersol Thorne, Mrs George D Schofield, Mrs Florence Heliker, Katherine Garland, William and Robert Garland, Henry Middleton White, Merle W Denny

Mayflower Descendants Hold Quiet Celebration This Year. Annual Dinner of Washington's Birthday Gives Way to Informal Affair Saturday, February 22, 1908Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) From L to R Bertha and Constance Lippincott and Mrs James M Rhodes

Descendants of Mayflower Elope Miss Rose Standish and E. S. Pratt Steal Away to Brookton and Are Quietly Married 1907 Boston MA 

Pokes Fun at Mayflower London Paper Says Pilgrim Fathers Descendants Rival Florodora Sextel 1913

Thursday, December 3, 2015

"M" Standish Trap migrated with Native Americans or another Standish altogether?

A photo of a Standish trap. I've had this trap in my collection for about 30 years. It has teeth in the jaws and is larger than most of the Standish traps I've seen. Miles Standish was a seventh generation descendant of Captain Myles Standish of Plymouth Colony. He made traps for the American Fur Company and other fur companies from 1821 to 1868.

1936 Washington Evening Star article

The Daily Telegram 1953

From Hunter-trader-trapper, Volume 11 1905
OLD TRAPPER'S NOTES. O G Wells. My two sons, Archie and James, and I have been taking the H-T-T and we have been much interested in the questions and inquiries. I see in November's issue. Brother Frazier found an old fashioned trap marked M. Standish, and wanted to know who made traps like that. Undoubtedly it is one of Marquer Standish's makes, a French blacksmith who lived below St. Paul. Minn. I do not know just where, as I was very small then. He made a great many traps for my father. My father established an Indian trading post on the west" bank of Lake Pippen Minn., in 1833. He was a hunter, trader and trapper, and one of the first members of the Minnesota legislature, and it was at this post that I was born in 1840. and It was in one of this style trap that I caught my first coon when I was six years old. Infact, all the traps I saw in those days were made with the bottoms melded together.
See  M.Standish hand forged trap

From 1935 Hamlin Herald Texas

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mayflower Pilgrims were Educated Men

For a PDF version to enlarge please send me an email

Copyright, 1904, by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth Captain Miles Standish

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth The Site of the Old Fort, Burial Hill, Plymouth

Copyright, 1904, by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth Elder William Brewster

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth First Church, Plymouth
The entrance to Burial Hill is shown on the Right

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth The Pilgrim Fathers' Memorial, Plymouth
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthGovernor Carver's Chair and Ancient Spinning Wheel
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthThe Grave of John Howland
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, Plymouth Governor Edward Winslow
The only authentic Portrait of a Mayflower Pilgrim
All Photos came from Project Gutenberg The Romantic Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims, Albert Christopher Addison