Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Indian War Vet Patrick Burke of Amesbury

Amesbury Daily News Amesbury, Massachusetts on Saturday, August 18th, 1928

Patrick Burke (1850-1928) born in County Corke, Ireland November 14 and arrived in the United States . He was son of Patrick Burke (d 1902) and Bridgett ? 
He married Mary Herrian on 5 Jul 1877. The couple are listed in 1880 census living on Friend Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts and he is working in the carriage industry.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Civil War Dispatch Sent by Major General George B McClellan

Major General George B. McClellan
(1826-1885) Photo from Library of Congress

This interesting telegraph dispatch sent by Major General George B. McClellan, commanding the Union forces during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862. This order was issued as the campaign had almost ended, in a humiliating Union defeat, as the aggressive Robert E. Lee emerged, and beat back the numerically superior but tactically timid McClellan. The order directs Major General Erasmus Keyes, who had earlier in the day been ordered to hold at Yorktown, to "send all you have of Rushes (sic) Cavalry by land to Ft. Monroe" at the base of the Peninsula. The cavalry in question was the 6th Regiment of Cavalry (70th PA Volunteers), the so-called "Rush's Lancers." Docketed on the reverse as a telegraph dispatch, with a content summary. A terrific, and very scarce, Civil War item. Wartime field orders of any sort are very hard to come by, as most were not retained. From Heritage Collectors Society

Pittsburgh Daily Post Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Friday, October 30, 1885

Sunday, March 8, 2020

A Scam to Claim Railroad Magnate Mark Hopkins Fortune

Photo: Mark Hopkins, American railroad magnate, co-founder of the Central Pacific Railroad. Credit: I.W. Taber; Wikimedia Commons.
California railroad magnate Mark Hopkins died in 1878 without a will or designated heir – and the huge fortune he left behind was under siege for more than a century by scammers claiming a connection to the man, and therefore his money. Read more of my story at GenealogyBank W. R. Moss’ Hoax: A Scam for the Hopkins Fortune

Friday, February 28, 2020

Henry D Lay and Esther Chase Celebrate 75 Years of Marriage West Newbury MA 1923

Comrades who served with Henry D Lay celebrate L to R Samuel Brookings JR. (1841-1932) son of Samuel Brookings and Elizabeth Little; Brothers Charles T Balch (1844-1936) and Hiram Tenney Balch (1842-1928) sons of Thomas Hutchinson Balch and Sophia Buck Tenney; and William Carlton {maybe from Groveland, MA}.  Boston Globe Article April 21 1923
Esther Chase (1828-1926) and Henry D Lay (1824-1925)