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Sewall Short Inventions and Patents

Sewall Short (1796-1857) born in Newburyport, Massachusetts to William Short and Elizabeth "Betsy" Pike ( 1775-1839) Sewall's gr. grandfather was cabinet maker Joseph Short. In December 1821 he married Eunice Jenkins. I found some inventions and patents Sewall was credited for. This is beginning research and more on this, but sharing what I have found so far.

In 1830, Sewall Short and Noah Bradford submitted a patent application for the submarine explorer. In their application, they claimed that they had created a water-tight suit, different from any diving apparatus known before.
Drawing of Submarine Explorer National Archives

Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Feb 03, 1838 Nantucket, MA Page: 3
Nantucket Inquirer

Sewall Short patent Furnaces through which the charge is moved mechanically, e.g. of tunnel type; Similar furnaces in which the charge moves by gravity heated without contact between combustion gases and charge; electrically heated heated by hot air or gas

1837-09-06 Application granted
1837-09-06 Publication of US421A
1854-09-06 Anticipated expiration

New York Daily Whig; Mr. S. Short; Invented; Operation: Nantucket Inquirer Wednesday, Sep 12, 1838  Nantucket, MA Vol: XVIII Issue: 72 Page: 2

Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Aug 10, 1833 Nantucket, MA Vol: XIII Issue: 63 Page: Copy of 3

Nantucket Inquirer Tuesday, Nov 11, 1823 Nantucket, MA Vol: III Issue: 46 Page: 4

Newburyport Herald Friday, Dec 18, 1829 Newburyport, MA Page:
Improvement In Stringed Instruments Boston Recorder Thursday, Feb 02, 1854 Boston, MA Vol: XXXIX Issue: 5 Page: 20
Nantucket Inquirer Saturday, Dec 01, 1832 Nantucket, MA Vol: XII Issue: 48 Page:

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Indian War Vet Patrick Burke of Amesbury

Patrick Burke (1850-1928) born in County Corke, Ireland November 14 and arrived in the United States . He was son of Patrick Burke (d 1902) and Bridgett ? He married Mary Herrian on 5 Jul 1877.
He and Mary are listed in 1880 census living on Friend Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts and he is working in the carriage industry.

Amesbury Daily News Amesbury, Massachusetts on Saturday, August 18th, 1928

In 1899

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Inez Bowers Quaker Girl Preacher

Inez Bowers (1893-1982) daughter of William Irwin Bowers and Mary Jacobah Epler Bowers. She married Bertram B Bronson. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Ben Perley Poore in Georgia

Photo: Benjamin Perley Poore, between 1865 and 1880. Credit: Brady-Handy Photograph Collection; Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
The prominent Washington correspondent and historian Major Ben: Perley Poore (the colon after “Ben” is the family custom), from Indian Hill Farm, West Newbury, Massachusetts, led a charmed life.

Poore (1820-1887) dined with Lafayette and Sir Walter Scott. His collection of Americana was the finest in the country. His home had a Masonic Hall and a bedstead slept in by Washington. His drawing room charm earned himself a seat at the best parties.

However, before Poore rose to success, a brief stint in the sunny south landed him in hot water.

Read the whole story at Ben: Perley Poore’s Georgia Scandal

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Anecdote Of Sybil Jones The Quaker Preacher

Sybil Jones (1808-1873) was the wife of the Quaker missionary Eli Jones. Photographed by Mr S. Prout Newcombe at The London School of Photography.

Eli, son of Abel Jones and Susannah Jepson. 

She and her husband went to Liberia in 1851, later traveling to various countries in Europe, including England, Ireland, France, Norway and Germany.
Sybil Jones worked in hospitals in the area of Washington during the Civil War, ministering to the wounded. She was in the capital when Lincoln was assassinated and paid visits to Lincoln's widow and to Secretary Stanton at the White House in the days immediately following the assassination. In 1867 she and her husband traveled to the Middle East, where they worked in Palestine and Syria. They founded a girls’ school at Ramallah, originally called The Girls’ Training Home of Ramallah, renamed The Friends Girls’ School in 1919 and still in existence today.

Eli Jones 
Maj James Parnel Jones (1835-1864) son of  Eli Jones and Sybil Jones.
He married on Rebecca M. Runnels.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Diary of Isabella Cass Sherwood Hall Menlo Park CA

Photo: Thurlow Lodge, later renamed Sherwood Hall, Menlo Park, California. Credit: Stanford University, Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

Mary Sherwood Hopkins, “America’s Richest Widow,” purchased the Menlo Park, California, estate “Thurlow Lodge,” owned by Milton Slocum Latham, in 1883. She renamed it Sherwood Hall.

Photo: Isabella Cass. Credit: Stanford University, Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

Isabella was visiting because her family had connections with Mary’s family in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She had attended Miss Kellogg’s School (the Rose Cottage Seminary), run by Mary’s aunts.
Photo: Mrs. Timothy Hopkins, born Mary “May” Kellogg Crittenden. Credit: Stanford University, Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

Visiting Sherwood Hall along with Isabella was Mary “May” Kellogg Crittenden, niece of Mary Hopkins. May was the future wife of Timothy Nolan Hopkins, Mary’s adopted son (whom she later disinherited in her will). There is a passage in Isabella’s diary where she catches Timothy stealing a kiss from May in the billiard room. (13 January 1885)

The grand lifestyle at Sherwood Hall was quite an experience for Isabella. It was one of the most elaborate estates in California, and she was awestruck by the lush gardens and landscape, which she was sure was “Eden.’

She wrote about her “frolics” about the grounds, and how she enjoyed the Moorish temple. She fed Mexican deer and watched the exotic birds. Her daily carriage rides and time in the studio are described in detail. She learned to play billiards and tennis. She spent leisure hours reading, with breaks for luncheons.

Photo: entry from the diary of Isabella Cass. Credit: Stanford University, Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

She truly was living the life of the rich and famous. The “very elaborate dinners” were spent “at the table for hours” with top-draw society. Jane and Leland Stanford, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Burrage, and James C. Flood were among the distinguished guests. The Palace Hotel and other posh places were part of her social calendar.

Isabella must have made a good impression on Mary, because a news clip in the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Isabella received $25,000 from Mary Hopkins’ trust after she died in 1891, administered by her second husband, Edward Francis Searles.

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California), 28 March 1892, page 1
When the estate was sold, most of the furniture and draperies went to auction, a few pieces went to museums, and even the Hollywood movie studios scored a few items. In 1942 the estate buildings were demolished except for the Gatehouse, which is now occupied by the Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula, Inc.

  • Isabella Cass (1857-1932), daughter of Dr. Jonathan Cass (1825-1886) and Mary Peet (1824-1899). Dr. Cass was an army surgeon, 1861-1867, Fortieth Massachusetts Regiment, and some time chief of staff at Alexandria hospital.
  • Isabella’s sister - (1859-1951) married lawyer Daniel Brewer Childs (1843-1925), son of Noadiah Moody Childs (1806-1896) and Martha Brewer (1821-1863), Mayflower descendant of John Howland.
  • Isabella boarded with her sister in 1910 in Manhattan, New York, and in 1930 they were living together in California. (Stanford University. Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives)
  • Mary Frances Sherwood (1818-1891), daughter of William Sherwood (1786-1871) and Lydia Ann Kellogg (1793-1865), married Mark Hopkins (1813-1878), son of Mark Hopkins (1779-1828) and Anastasia Lukins Kellogg (1783-1834).
  • Timothy Nolan (1859-1936) was born to Irish immigrants Patrick Nolan (1829-1862) and Catherine Fallon (1834-1903) in Augusta, Maine. (Harold Clarke Durrell, “Memoirs of Deceased Members of the New England Historic Genealogical Society” NEHG Register April 1936)
  • He married Mary Kellogg Crittenden (1862-1941), daughter of Hiram Crittenden (1814-1883) and Lydia Sherwood (1829-1877). They had one daughter, Lydia Kellogg Hopkins (1887-1965).

Friday, April 10, 2020

Rare Thomas Lynch JR Letter 1776 Charleston South Carolina

Letter written from Charleston, South Carolina to George Laurence Eaton, Esquire. In full: “I am happy to extend to you the enclosed letter on his Excellys. account. I shall explain to my Father the visit and the reason. With great esteem I have the honor to be your friend.” Reverse bears an address panel in Lynch’s hand to “George Laurence Eaton Esquire, Charleston,” with “The politeness of James Coggeshall, Esq,” written in the lower left of the address panel.
by Ole Erekson, Engraver, c1876 Library of Congress from USHISTORY.ORG Thomas Lynch JR (1749-1779) signer of the Deceleration of Independence was born in South Carolina to Thomas Lynch Sr and Elizabeth Hamilton Allston. Thomas received an education in England and graduated with honors at Cambridge. He studied law in London and then returned home in 1772. He was politically engaged as soon as he returned home, and was commissioned a company commander in the South Carolina regiment in 1775. Soon afterward he was elected to a seat in the Continental Congress. He fell ill shortly after signing the Declaration and retired from the Congress. At the close of 1776 he and his wife sailed for the West Indies. The ship disappeared and there is no record of his life after.

Elizabeth Hamilton Allston Lynch (1728-1750?) wife if Thomas Lynch SR. Daughter of Gov. R. F. William Allston and Esther LaBrosse.  Portrait of Artist: Jeremiah Thëus, 1716 - 1774From Reynolda House Museum of American Art
Gift of Barbara B. Millhouse Object # 
1972.2.1 Read more at Womenhistoryblog
Charles Francis Jenkins (17 December 1865 – 1951) was an American Quaker and historian. He was born in to Howard M. Jenkins and Mary Anna Atkinson. He owned this portrait of Thomas Lynch JR.
Charles Francis Jenkins autograph collection Thomas Lynch, Sr. (South Carolina) 1769 June 5   Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Charles F Jenkins Papers Swarthmore College Archives
More coming on this rare signature soon!