Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vernon Howard Bates 1932 Murders

A share from Kyle Bradley from FB Ancestry Page:

Vernon Howard Bates, his wife Louise M., and kids, including my grandmother, Eleanore Louise Bates Bradley, lived in this house. Vernon was shot and killed on the front porch during a nighttime robbery while his daughter Edith slept in the back room. The front half of the house in 1932 was a grocery store, they lived in the back.

This is the only known photograph of my great grandfather, Vernon Howard Bates. he was born in Foster, Seneca co. Ohio in 1885, married Louise Marie Orlowski in 1906, had nine children, one of them my grandma Eleanor, and was murdered in 1932 near the porch of his own grocery store in a botched robbery attempt. The grocery was located a mile north of Leavenworth Rd. at 63rd St. The porch the burglars stood on while shooting him and the house that his grocery occupied is still standing. Pictured with him is his son, Willis Charles Bates. This picture was taken in 1930, about two years before Vernon's murder.

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