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The Pension of Russell Andrus

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Major Index Pension List
War of 1812

ANDRUS, Russell and Zerviah  W.O. 20853
W.C. 11359
BLW 40713
40 acres 1850; 39704, 120 acres 1855
Captain [Jarvis] Crittenden
Enlisted 29 August 1814
Discharged: 29 September 1814
Residence of Widow:  1851, 1855, Sterling, Macomb Co., Michigan
"                    "    1878, Wahoo, Saunders Co., Nebraska
Maiden Name: Zerviah Pelton
Married: 7 April 1825, Middlebury, NY
Death Soldier: 10 September 1850, Sterling, Michigan
"  Widow: 3 August 1879  Cereso, Saunders Co., Nebraska

Went to Fort Erie as part of his service.  Russell Andrus's father was identified as Isaac Andrus here.

From "History of Macomb County, Michigan, containing ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers: the whole preceded by a history of Michigan ..":
When I was a lad, between nine and ten years of age, my father, Abijah Owen, then living in the State of New York, Genesee Co., conceived the idea of emigrating to the West. Some of his townsmen, among whom were Calvin Davis, Elon and Russel Andrus, Joseph and Daniel Miller, Elder Abel Warren, and some others, had gone a year or two previous.  In the latter part of the month of June, 1825, he started with his family of five children and their mother for the far-famed territory of Michigan. War of 1812 Claim of Widow for Service Pension (on Fold3):

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