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Sumner Phelps and Eunice Wilder Leominster MA

Work in Progress but Thanks to Patricia Moore Find A Grave Photos & Info Marriage Dolly Wilder and Sumner Phelps, April 12, 1821 Vital records Leominster, MA Sumner Phelps  son of Abel Phelps and Eunice Wilder

Sumner Phelps b.  September 8 1797  Leominster, Massacusettes d.  April 1 1857  Leominster married Dolly Wilder Daughter of James Wilder and Katherine Richardson
b. November 17, 1797   Leominster, Massachusetts 
d. Mar. 9, 1873  Ottawa County   Michigan, USA
Martha Gardner Phelps 1822 - 1848/49 m. George Burrage
Charles Sumner Phelps 1823-1871 m. Veronica Hutchinson
Abel Acasto Phelps 1825-1882 m Rebecca Goodridge
Jerome Baldwin Phelps 1831-1878 m. Mary Jane Wing
Julius Augustus Phelps 1836-1862
Mary Catherine Phelps 1842-
David Wilder Phelps 1828
Daniel Phelps  1833-1876

MY GR GR Grandfather Francis Henry Phelps 1840-1877
 m.  Esther Antoinette Hall 1846-1928 daughter of Darius Hall and Sarah Ann Vincent  m Francis on July 7, 1864 in Chelmsford MA More Records: Vital Records Leominster
PHELPS, Abel, s. Abel and Eunice, Feb. 22, 1801.
Abel Acasto, s. Summer and Dolly, Oct. 1, 1825.
Able [Abel, C.R.], s. Edward and Martha, July 29, 1771.
Amely, d, Jonas and Ruth, June 24, 1801.
Calven, s. Edward and Martha, Sept. 5, 1764.
Charles Sumner, s. Sumner and Dolly, Dec. 20, 1823.
Daniel Webster, s. Sumner and Dolly, April 19, 1833.
David, s. Abel and Eunice, March 25, 1799.
David Wilder, s. Sumner and Dolly, Sept. 6, 1828.
Edward, s. Edward and Martha, Sept. 25, 1762.
Edward, s. Jonas and Ruth, Oct. 3, 1806.
Esther, d. Edward and Martha, Sept. 20, 1766.
Francis Henry, s. Sumner and Dolly, Jan. 30, 184
Harriet N., w. Daniel W., , 1832. G.s.
Ireen, d. Asahel and Sally, Sept. 10, 1818.
Jerome Baldwin, s. Sumner and Dolly, June 26, 1831.
Jerome S., Nov. 2, 1823. G.s.
John, twin s. Jonas and Ruth, May 6, 1803.
Jonas, s. Edward and Martha, bap. March 26, 1775. c.R.
Jonas, s. Jonas and Ruth, June 30, 1804.
Julius Augustus, Dec. 27, 1836.
Levi, s. Edward and Martha, Feb. 16, 1760.
Luther, s. Edward and Martha, April 4, 1768.
Martha Gardner, d. Sumner and Dolly, Sept. 7, 1822.
Mary, twin d. Jonas and Ruth, May 6, 1803.
Mary Catharine, d. Sumner and Dolly, March 19, 1842.
Phelps, Patty, d. Edward and Martha, bap. July 18,1773. C.R.
Patty, d. Jonas and Ruth, born at Sherborn, Dec. 30, 1799.
Peter, s. Edward and Martha, Jan. 23, 1758.
Sumner, s. Abel and Eunice, Sept. 8, 1797.
William D., , 1836. G.s.

From Book of Wilders: A Contribution to the History of the Wilders from 1497, in England, to the Emigration of Martha, a Widow, and Her Family to Massachusetts Bay in 1638, and So, Through Her Family Down to 1875 : with a Genealogical Table, Showing, as Far as May Be, Their Relationships and Connections  Moses Hale Wilder

Eunice6 Wilder (dr. David,6 Dea. David4); m.
Abel Phelps. Issue:
Sumner Phelps, b. Sept. 8, 1797 ; d. 1842.
David Phelps, b. March 29, 1799.
Abel Phelps, b. Feb. 22, 1801.

From The New England Farmer Volume 4

Administrators Sale so much of the real estate of Abel Phelps late of Leominster, dec'sd, in the county of Worcester, as will raise the sum of 1500 dollars, for the payment of debts and charges-—Said estate is pleasantly situated in the north part of said Leominster, on the road to [ Lunenburg, and would accommodate both the farmer and the mechanic. For particulars, inquire of Wilhingtoo Ic Phelps, Congress street, Boston, of Sumner Phelps living on the premises, or of the subscriber. DAVID WILDER, Adm'r. Leominster, Dec. 6, 1825.
From the Newton Genealogy: Harriet Bullock m. at Leominster, Mass., Aug. 26, 1837, Daniel Webster Phelps, son of Sumner and Dolly (Wilder) Phelps of Leominster, where he was born April 19, 1833. T. R. He d. before 1877; piano maker. Resided at Leominster and at; Brookline. They had three children; the two youngest were born at Brookline.
1. Hewton* Phelps, b. July 25, 1858, at Leominster; d. at Brookline Nov. 7, 1867.
2. Mary Catherine* Phetpg, b. July 25, 1860; m. at Brookline, Oct 3, 1906, Benjamin R. Wheeler of Brookline, Mass., where they reside at  No. 18 Aspinwall Ave.
3. Sarah tfeieton" Phelps, b. Dec. 13, 1869; m. at Brookline, June —, 1906,
From  Springfield Republican August 21 1854

From Boston Recorder April 9 1857

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