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Ichabod and Esther Colby Amesbury innholders

Ichabod Colby was now inn-holder at Bartlett's corner, and the meeting of October 13th adjourned to his house. He was the husband of the famous Esther Colby, who continued the tavern for many years. 1785: Early in the year a meeting was held at the house of " Mrs. Widow Easther Colbys" to organize the militia of the town in the East parish. It was decided to make two companies, divided as follows: "All south of the country road to the parish line from widow Esther Colby's to belong to the south company, and all that lies on each side of the country road above Mr. Bell's meeting house, including the families of Ephraim Weed and Isaac Weed, all the rest of the parish to the north of said country road belong to the north company." Samuel Blaisdell was chosen captain, Nathaniel White first lieut. and Thomas Worthen second lieut. of the south company, but they resigning, Nathaniel White was chosen captain, Samuel Follansbee first lieut. and John Blaisdell second lieut. John Barnard was chosen captain, Ephraim Weed jr. first lieut. and Isaac Barnard second lieut. of the north company. The companies were known as " Mills" and "Ferry" companies.

Dec. 18. 1788 This is a noted day for the election of the first President of the United States. The meeting was called at Mr. Bell's meeting-house, but before proceeding to business an adjournment was ordered to widow Esther Colby's. It may have been a cold day and a little of her warm flip would be very acceptable and comforting. The few in attendance thought it advisable to adjourn again, and this time to meet on the 22 at the West meeting house. Strange as it may seem the privilege of voting for the first president did not awaken much enthusiasm, and the meeting was again adjourned back to Mr. Bell's meeting house on the 23d. With all this accommodation the two electors only received 22 votes each, and the representative to Congress 24.

1735. Ferry at Savage rock; Hook's ferry; Trouble about; Division of the county; Petition of Henry Flood; Meeting adjourned to Ichabod Colby's; Jacob Merrill; Death of; Quakers; Dr. 1 laic taxed.
From History of Amesbury
Ichabod, (Philip, Samuel, Anthony) b. June 4, 1704 married Esther Nichols, daughter of Thomas Nichols and Jane (Jameson) Nichols.
Listed as "innholder;" res. A.,E. Parish;
Death: Dec. 9, 1748; March 27, 1749; wife Esther. Will dated December 9,1748 cousin David Nichols widow Esther received full to full communion.

According to The Witch's Breed: the Peirce-Nichols family of Salem
The husband of Esther Nichols, Ichabod Colby, was well to do, and the couple adopted the son of Esther's brother, David, born about 1733, in order to help the elder David with his large family
Children born A., E. Parish. Nicholas b. Oct. 2, 1709. Stephen b. June 16, 1712. Samuel b. July 12, 1714
From The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts ; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton by David W. Hoyt

Thomas Nichols, whose home was on the plain near Tappan Emery's, died this year. In his will he gave his son Jonathan five shillings, his daughter Anna, wife of Samuel Colby, five shillings, Mary, wife of Ralph Blasdell, five shillings and two bushels of winter apples for ten years if she would go into the orchard and pick them ;' Esther, wife of Ichabod Colby (and at a later period the famous "Widow Esther Colby. Inn holder"), five shillings; Thomas, five shillings ; I David, forty shillings ; Rachel, five pounds when eighteen; and to Stephen, Ebenezer and Benjamin, all of his real estate. He was the father of those bearing that name in town, and a Friend.   History of Amesbury Including the First Seventeen Years of Salisbury, to the Separation in 1654; and Merrimac, from Its Incorporation in 1876 by James Merrill
Tuesday, November 23, 1784 Salem Gazette (Salem, MA)

Monday, March 4, 1765 Boston Evening-Post (Boston, MA)

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