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Ben Franklin portrait for Miss Sally Davenport of Newburyport

New York Times April 18, 1906

Mezzotint found and another Davenport family member Dorcas Stickney Davenport received one as well. In the library of the Masonic Temple Boston is preserved Fisher's mezzotint of Chamberlin's portrait of Franklin on the reverse of which in Franklin's hand is the inscription For Mrs Dorcas Stickney in Newbury Mrs Stickney who was his niece received Franklin's gift from Paris in 1778 with the word that the sender considered it his best portrait FRANKLIN THE BOY

Anthony Stickney eldest son Anthony Stickney was born in Newbury May 12 1724 married in Boston May 7 1747 Dorcas Davenport daughter of James and Sarah Franklin Davenport He was a Captain in the expedition to Canada under General Amherst in 1760
Stickney, Anthony (1727-1774)
Franklin’s nephew by marriage.
Chairmaker of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Franklin visited the Stickneys on his journey between Boston and Portsmouth (1763). They subsequently moved to Chester, New Hampshire (by 1772). Jane Mecom reported Stickney’s reputation as “a good for nothing Impudent Lazey Felow” (1787).
Married Franklin’s niece Dorcas Davenport (1747); six children, including Anthony Somersby Stickney, who later applied to Franklin for assistance in educating his son.

                                   Engraved by J.B. Longacre, from a painting by Martin

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