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Capt Robert L Berry Wilson Naval Aide

President's New Naval Aide Monday, July 26, 1915  Patriot (Harrisburg, PA)

From  Army-Navy-Air Force Register and Defense Times, Volume 60

The officers of the navy yard, naval hospital and ships stationed at Washington were hosts Wednesdays evening at their first ball of the season when several hundred guests were entertained. The Marine Band Orchestra furnished music for the dancing, which took place in the sail loft. The decorations, which were unusually effective, consisted of groups of tall palms and ferns, while the walls and ceiling were hung with flags of all nations, interspersed With rows of tiny electric lights in red, white and blue, producing a veritable fairy land. A buffet supper was served at midnight. Mrs. James H. Glennon, wife of the commandant of the navy yard, received the guests, assisted by Mrs. Daniels, wife of the Secretary of the Navy; Mrs. William S. Benson, Mrs. Robert M. Kennedy, Mrs. Robert L. Berry, and Mrs. Edward J. Marquart. Mrs. Giennon wore a lovely gown of blue satin trimmed in silver, the tulle drapery heavily embroidered in beads; Mrs. Daniels was in a becoming gown of white brocaded silk and lace with touches of silver, Mrs. Benson wore an attractive gown of black tulle and sequin trimming: Mrs. Berry was in a dainty gown of white lace embroidered in silver; Mrs. Marquart‘s gown was of white satin draped in tulle, the bodice being of cloth of silver with pastel rosebuds on the corsage, and Mrs. Kennedy was in an attractive gown of pink satin combined with silver cloth.

The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Daniels were the guests of honor Wednesday evening when Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. Robert L. Berry entertained at dinner aboard the U. S. S. Mayflower, of which Lieutenant Commander Berry is in command. Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. Berry later attended the dance with their guests at the navy yard. The guests besides the honor guests included Admiral and Mrs. William S. Benson, Admiral and Mrs. Frank F. Fletcher, Admiral and Mrs James H. Glennon, Admiral and Mrs. Leigh C. Palmer, the superintendent of the Naval Academy, and Mrs. Edward W. Eberle, Representative Swargar Sherley, Interstate Commerce Commissioner and Mrs. Charles C. McChord, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wolley, Paymasier General McGowan, Captain and Mrs. James H. Oliver, Captain and Mrs. Rodman, Captain and Mrs. William D. Leahy, Captain and Mrs. Arthur L. Willard, Surgeon and Mrs. Edward H. H. Old, Commander and Mrs. Ralph Earle and Mrs. Lloyd H. Chandler.

Death 1933 

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