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Newbury MA Mines

Mining Lands Newbury MA In 1878 silver was discovered in a large field off Scotland Road. This discovery made money for those who sold their land and those who became involved in what was known as the "Chipman Silver Mine." The mine produced $500,000.00 worth of silver and $100,000.00 in dividends. The mine closed in 1925. Monday, May 10, 1875 Paper: Salem Register (Salem, MA)

Chipman Silver Mine, Scotland Road, Newbury, Massachusetts. Courtesy of the Newburyport Public Library Archival Center. Clipper Heritage Trail 

Thursday, August 26, 1875 Salem Register (Salem, MA)

From History of Newbury, Mass., 1635-1902 (1902)

Photo from Newbury Commerce Newburyport Historical Commission
Map of the Mining Lands at Newbury, Massachusetts N. Little
This is a rare and extremely unique pocket map showing the mining lands around Newbury, Massachusetts. In 1874, silver and gold were discovered in the town of Newbury. In that same year, the Chipman Silver Mine was established and worked through 1879, then again for a few years in the early 1900s. In this short period of time, the mine yielded half a million dollars in silver. This pocket map illustrates the location of the mine, labeled "Chipman's Lode" as well as the claims by nearby landowners. It also shows in great detail the town of Newbury and Newburyport, including property boundaries and landowners, roads and railroads, and rivers and creeks. It can be presumed that the maker of this map, N. Little was a local landowner in Newbury. There are several references on the map to various properties with the last name of Little.


  Photo from Peter Cristofono
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  1. This is a wonderful piece! I have come across an MIT thesis paper that describes an old mine in the area of Maudsley State Park called "Watts Hole" that supposedly was a silver mine that provided silver in the 1600's to mint master John Hull for some of the colony's first minted coins. The link for this thesis is: