Friday, November 7, 2014

Robert Colby and Thomas Lunt Drowned 1842

Found this death announcement for Robert Colby and Thomas Lunt both of Newburyport, but cannot find positive matches to lineage please post or email me
Thomas born May 23 1824 (son of William Lunt and Hannah Coffin) Found a Robert Jenkins Colby as possible match Spectator New York November 19 1842

Another account from the Baltimore Sun November 18, 1842
Drowned. Robert Colby, son of Joshua Colby, and Thomas Lunt, son of Joshua Lunt, of Newburyport, Mass., left that town on a gunning excursion, on a "float," on the 2d inst, and have not since been heard from. From the fact that the "float" has been found, aground and broken to pieces, it is presumed they were both drowned. They were about nineteen years of age


  1. Interesting note on the Colby family. Bart Colby drowned, also while on a hunting trip near the Mosely Estate, in the mud flats of the Merrimac River. Apparently got stuck, and couldn't get off the flats before the tide came in and covered his head. Sad story. Circa 1963, I believe.

  2. Thank you Gary! I am going to forward this info to Colby clan!