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Charles Gamage Eastman

A group from Woodstock, Vermont, who hoped for a Democratic victory in the 1840 presidential election started the Spirit of the Age to campaign for the incumbent, Martin Van Buren. Although Van Buren lost the election, for 73 years the Age served as “a strong opposition journal, constantly alive to the duty of prodding the party in power,” according to the Burlington Weekly Free Press. With support from Vermont’s Democratic Party, the four-page weekly maintained a small but consistent base of faithful subscribers in Windsor County. From the 1870s through the early 1900s, the four-page weekly paper expanded its circulation to nearby counties with the Orange County Democrat, issued from West Randolph, and the Democrat and Courier, issued from Rutland.
Charles G. Eastman ran the paper from 1840 to 1845, when he became the editor of the Vermont Patriot in Montpelier. Eastman changed the paper’s name to Woodstock Age in 1844, but under his successor, Edgar A. Kimball, the paper again appeared as Spirit of the Age.
George also wrote poetry and the Brits Called him "The Burns of New England. "The Vermont Historical Society

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Benjamin Clement Eastman Methodist son of Benjamin Eastman and Susannah Clement was born June 16 1788 Admitted on trial to the New England Conference 1825 Ordained deacon by Bishop Hedding at Lisbon June 10 1827 and elder by the same at Portsmouth June 14 1829 Appointments Barnard Vt 1825 Weathersfield Vt 1826 7 Unity 1828 9 Northfield and Gilmanton 1830 Rochester 1831 2 supernumarary 1833 Henniker and Deering 1834 5 Henniker 1836 supernumarary supplying Grantham 1837 8 supplying Grantham and Newport 1839 and North Charlestown 1840 1 Grantham 1842 superannuate 1843 Withdrew from Conference and without charge Concord except two years at Deering 1844 58 Died Concord July 12 1858 
Concord; Rev. Benjamin C. Eastman; Jared Perkins; N. H.; Charles G. Eastman

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