Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Norman C Greenbough Newburyport

BRYAN EATON/ Staff Photo. A nineteenth century chronometer made of walnut wood and brass by watchmaker Norman C. Greenough. He moved to Newburyport in 1851 and set up shop off Market Square. His photo is pictured at left.

Presentation--Complimentary Date: Thursday, December 6, 1855 Paper: Salem Register (Salem, MA) Page: 2 

Norman Greenough (1820-1886) was son of Brackett L Greenough and Abigail Cummings. He married Francis Davenport DeFord (1816-1887) daughter  Samuel Tibbett DeFord and Catherine Greenleaf Davenport daughter of Anthony Davenport and Catherine Greenleaf. The Davenport family owned the Wolfe Tavern.


  1. Great story and the auction sounds like it will be outstanding! Thanks for sharing!

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