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Rocky Hill Meeting House

From Stearns Family Photo Collection Please ask for permission to post or copy photo 
Inside Rocky Hill Meeting House Photo Boston Globe 2015
 Boston Globe 1893A history of the first meeting house and the second one, Rocky Hill meeting erected in 1785.

Daniel Webster 1850 by Southworth & Hawes Photo from MFA Gift of Edward Southworth Hawes in memory of his father Josiah Johnson Hawes Accession Number 43.1430
From July 18 1885  Rocky Meeting House Centennial: Captain Ebenezer Webster (1739-1806) and Abigail Eastman (1739-1816) remembered as members of Rocky Hill Meeting house. Parents of Daniel Websters (1782-1852)

September 1964 Boston Globe

Rocky Hill Meeting House is run by Historic New England one of the best preserved examples of an original eighteenth-century meeting house interior. It was built in 1785, replacing a c. 1715 meeting house for the West Parish of Salisbury. Rocky Hill Meeting House was strategically placed along the only road that crossed the swift Powow River (via ferry) and led travelers to the Salisbury Point area, and then onward toward Portsmouth. In fact, George Washington paused here to greet the townspeople on his northward journey in 1789. See Article by Historic New England Location, Location, Location 
Located at 4 Old Portsmouth Road Amesbury, Mass. 01913

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  1. The RH meeting house was prominently located facing the Portsmouth road as you traveled north from Point Shore ferry crossing over the Merrimack River from Newburyport, east of the Pow Wow. Portsmouth road was bisected by route 495 in 1963 and the historical link was severed.