Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coffin and Greeley Tide Mills Project

Sunset near Farm Lane dock in Seabrook. In the foreground is the remains of an old tidal saw mill that occupied the site from about 1650 to 1888. Just up stream on Mill creek, a tide mill was constructed about 1640 by Andrew Greeley who ground corn for early Hampton and Salisbury, Mass. settlers.  From Lane Memorial Library Hampton NH  Click for Story & Photography by Stephen T. Whitney  New Hampshire Profiles, June 1971, Vol. XX, No. 6  
Andrew Greeley settled on a part which is now included in Seabrook New Hampshire and thereupon built a tide mill for the grinding of corn on Kane's river 1650. In addition to this mill he built a large saw mill.He moved to Haverhill and opened another Mill (fresh water) Three successive generations of Andrew Greeley were born on the old Greeley homestead Salisbury's earliest settlers By J.Q. Evans See Also John Goff  Tidal Mills defined
Full Text click "Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley family"

Mace Pike who lived in old Stephen Coffin House. This photo shows the old stone from the Coffin Mill at the front door. Google Street View

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Portion of Ron Klodenski's presentation about Coffin’s Mill on Ring’s Island made this to the Tide Mill Institute’s conference in York last November. Please contact me or post for full PDF document


  1. Awesome, research! Have kayaked once or twice past Coffin point, and I wondered what had been there...thanks!

  2. Very interesting! I'm a direct descendant of Andrew Greele (my Great=great-grandfather Samuel Sewall Greeley added the 'y' in the 1840's)and it is very cool to see where his mill used to be. Is there any more information available?