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Abiather/Arthur J Knowles Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Private, Co. D, 2d Maine Infantry. Born at La Grange. Maine, March 15, 1830. d February 11, 1905 - North Bradford, Penobscot Co., Maine, son of Reuben Knowles and Rebecca Knowles. Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. He served as a Captain in the Union Army. He was awarded the Medal of Honor as a Private in Company D, 2nd Maine Infantry for action on July 21, 1861 at Bull Run, Virginia. His citation reads "Removed the dead and wounded under heavy fire." Photos of Grave from Don Morfe

A to the official report, Private A.. J. Knowles was honored for "removing dead and wounded under heavy fire." He relates his experience briefly.

"On the 21st of July, after a desperate charge on a hill held by the rebels, the Second Maine Infantry, of which I was a member, was ordered to fall back. The colonel, seeing that a number of the men were left where they had fallen, asked for volunteers to go with him to bring them within the lines. When the colonel called for volunteers seven of us stepped forward and signified our willingness to go with him.

"The colonel then addressed the regiment, saying: 'Are these seven men the only ones of the Second Maine who will follow their colonel to pick up the wounded?'
"Not another man advanced, and, led by the colonel, we proceeded, under a withering fire, to pick up our wounded and bring them within our lines."
For this General Keyes commended the colonel and his seven men in the highest terms.
Married Kezia B. Sparrow Knowles (1834 - 1902)
Lena F. Knowles (1853 - 1863)
Herbert L. Knowles (1855 - 1922)
Arthur W. Knowles (1867 - 1909)

                             Burial: Hill Crest Cemetery Lagrange Penobscot County Maine, USA

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