Monday, June 8, 2015

The Thomas Foulds Ellsworth Collection at the Pasadena Museum of History

Patti Clasen shared pictures of the exhibit. This all came to fruition after I posted my story on Ellsworth and from the connections made with four families here is the results!  Exhibit at Pasadena Museum of History called "When Johnny Came Marching West" that runs until September 22 2015. Thomas Ellsworth is featured prominently in the exhibit.
Please see blog post Thomas Foulds Ellsworth Ipswich MA Hero & Medal of Honor 
Every Memorial Day, Nick, the curator of the exhibit, and others have a ceremony for the many (a thousand came to Pasadena) Civil War Soldiers buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena where Thomas Foulds Ellsworth is buried. Photos are from
Laura Verlaque  Director of Collections, Pasadena Museum of History

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