Friday, October 23, 2015

Foss, Hobbs, Sturtevant, Forecster, Whitman, Chapman, Crocker, Chatfield, Taylor Hickman Lines

Helen Foss and William Whitman Hobbs married June 12 1916 in Cohassett, MA. Helen daughter of Eugene Noble Foss (September 24, 1858 – September 13, 1939) and Lila Sturtevant (November 4 1860-January 11 1925) She married (1) Captain Henry William Forester. Eugene Foss US Congressman, Massachusetts Governor. Elected to represent Massachusetts' 14th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1910 to 1911. He was defeated as Republican in 1902. Also served as Governor of Massachusetts from 1911 to 1914.
In 1902, William Whitman, who for thirty-five years had served the corporation as treasurer, was made president. Franklin W. Hobbs was at this time elected to the treasurership, and has, during his nine years of service (1911), proven himself an efficient successor to Mr. Whitman. Mr. Hobbs was also executive officer of the mills. From Sunday, August 30, 1914  Boston Herald

The rumored impending divorce of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Foss is no surprise to Violet Ray, as it is well known that on a recent visit to Boston, the Foss stronghold, for Mr. Foss' father was once Governor of Massachusetts, there were whisperings in the select Back Bay coteries of trouble brewing between Benny and his beautiful Californian. Mrs. Foss, who was Miss Dorothy Chapman, was one of San Francisco's leading belles, making her début in 1908. Her marriage is well remembered as the most notable social event of 1911. The only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred B. Chapman and a granddaughter of one of the Golden Gate's business builders, Dorothy was a much sought-after bud, her distinctive type of beauty winning for her many admirers. But Mrs. Foss, with one of her children and her auto, is now in Reno and has been there long enough to establish residence. She has been seen much with a local attorney, but as yet has not filed suit. Mr. Foss left San Francisco for Reno quite recently “to try to effect a reconciliation,” and perhaps after all a divorce many be headed off.

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