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George Warren Geary of Newburport

Looking for more info on George W Geary and Family Especially Geary, JR career on State Police Any photos or information would be appreciated Thanks 

George Warren Geary was born in 1834 in Hudson, New York son of George W. Geary and Susan C Horn of Haverhill. Married June 3, 1837. Came to Newburyport
Son George W. Geary enlisted in the United States Marines in 1857 and re-enlisted in 1859. In the 1857 Muster of Marines he was a Corporal in Boston. In the 1860 Census he was living in Charlestown and listed his occupation as “Corporal of Marines.” In 1860 he was assigned aboard the USS Ohio and in 1864 he was living in Newburyport and filed his intentions to marry: “George W. Geary of Newburyport has manifested his intention of marriage with Jane B. Loring of Charlestown.” On June 9, 1864 George W. Geary married Jane Betsey Loring d. of John Hayes Loring and Betsey Lindsey of Yarmouth, Maine in Charlestown.   

In the 1865 Census they were living in Haverhill and both were employed as “Stiches.” In January 1870 he was appointed “City Marshal in Haverhill, and in the 1870 Census George and Jane were living in Haverhill and he listed his occupation as “City Marshal.” In 1870, Haverhill Constable Edward Howe arrested two brothers for a serious stabbing. On the following day, City Marshal Geary took the two suspects to the victim’s bedside where they were both identified. In 1873, while living in Haverhill, Massachusetts State Police Chief Constable George Washington Boynton of Georgetown appointed George Geary as a state police deputy constable for Berkshire County and assigned primarily to North Adams. Haverhill Constable Edward Howe was also appointed as a state police deputy constable in 1873 and he would later be appointed City Marshal in Haverhill in 1876. Constable Geary was on the state police roster in 1874 and 1875 and was active in alcohol seizures in Berkshire County. In the 1880 Census he was living in Henry, Sussex County, Virginia. In the 1910 Census George and Jane were living in Pleasant Hill Township, North Carolina. (Family (Manual for the General Court) (Springfield Republican – May14, 1874) ( (Photo Courtesy of Captain Robert Pistone Haverhill Police Department – City Marshall George W. Geary top left in photo) (Salem Register – September 1, 1870) Brother Amos Horn Geary Born at Newburyport, Aug. 12th, 1839. Enlis. at Newburyport, mus. Aug. 11th, 1862, Priv. Co. B, 35th Reg. Mass. Inft., for 3 yrs. Disch. for disab. Dec. 21st, 1862. (See Naval Record.) Died at Newburyport, Jan. 3d, 1899, bur. Oak Hill. From The City of Newburyport in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865--George William Creasey

United States Marines on Guard Duty circa 1860

ADS for George W Geary in Newburyport, Massachusetts 

 OBIT Thursday, July 13, 1876 Boston Journal (Boston, Massachusetts) 

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The Grafters of America: Who They are and how They Work Clifton Rodman Wooldridge
Loring genealogy C.H. Pope

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