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Seeking Information John C Eaton 1826-1910 of Kingston New Hampshire

The Kingston Historical Society is seeking information on John C Eaton. Please post a comment or contact Lesley Hume at Joyce King, a volunteer recently came across this information. Some of the relics are in collections and any more information would be most appreciated. Thank You! Below are some of the records, a will, and newspaper clips on Eaton. 

John Eaton is found in Kingston Census 1850 household: Mary Swett age 45; John E age 22; Rhoda age10; Adaide Prescott age 18. 
John Eaton married Sarah A. Sargent in 1860 [by calculation in the 1900 census they were married for 40 years]. She was the daughter of Johnathan Sargent and Sally Pearson. Sarah Sargent was born in Boston, MA in June of 1826 and died in Kingston on May 23, 1905 at the age of 79 years and 11 months. 1860 household: Mary Sweat [mother] age 58; John C Eaton age 35 [shoemaker]; Sarah A. Eaton [John’s wife] age 34; Rhoda A. Eaton

John C Eaton died on March 17, 1910 at the age of 84 years, 2 months.He was born in Kingston, NH in Jan 1826 [another source says 1825 in East Kingston]. The couple had no children.

Example: Historic Drilled Holes done with a Metal Plug Drill:
A cairn site in E. Kingston, New Hampshire has a split boulder. The boulder was split using the plug & feather method and left in place with the two halves pulled apart a little ways to create an open split. This appears to be a typical field stone split by some farmer upon initial inspection. Closer examination reveals a drilled hole on each side of one half. These holes are drilled at odd angles and serve no practical purpose in terms of field stone quarrying. Further, it is located within a stone wall enclosed area with a cairn attached to the stone wall a short distance away. There is a second natural split boulder with stone fill inside the enclosed area which indicates this area was used in historic times for a Native American ceremony. From Native American Historical Beliefs and Cultural Concepts Applicable to Stone Structure Mary Gage

Will and More Records of John C Eaton 

Sources: 1850 Census Place: Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire; family # 658 
1860, Census Place: Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire; Roll M653_678 Page: 576; Image; 578; Family History Library Fil; 803678

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