Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Charlotte Augusta Chapman Moseley

Charlotte Augusta Chapman (1812-1893) daughter of George Thomas Chapman (1786-1872) and Alice Buck (1794-1870) wife of Edward Strong Moseley (1813-1900) son of Ebenezer Moseley (1781-1854) and Mary Ann Oxnard (1787-1840) lived in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Children: Frederick Strong Moseley (1852-1938) m. Alice Poore, Edward Augustus (1846-1911), Mary Alice Moseley (1850-1931) m Abiel Jacob Abbott (1850-1921), Edward Augustus Moseley (1846-1911) m Catherine Montague Prescott (1844-1917),  Charlotte Augusta Moseley m. Arthur Clark Nason and Charles William Moseley (1847-1920). 

Charlotte's sister, Georgina Chapman (1815-1910) daughter of George Thomas Chapman (1786-1872) and Alice Buck (1794-1870) In 1900 census living at 102 State Street Newburyport, Massachusetts
George Thomas Chapman (1786-1872) son of Thomas Chapman (1746-1819) and Charlotte Conzu (1760-1843) Married Alice Buck (1794-1870). He was a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church and lived in Newburyport, Massachusetts and Newark, New Jersey. He was a graduate of Dartmouth college (1804), and prepared a most valuable history of all the Dartmouth alumni down to 1861.
All Photos in private collection New Hampshire Source: Edward Strong Moseley: In Memoriam, 1813-1900

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