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Quaker Teacher Esther Biddle Rhoads

1978 Detroit Free Press A year before her death.

A follow up post from The Early Quaker Lines

From the Wardwell and Biddle line Esther Biddle Rhoads (1896-1979) daughter of Edward Garrett Rhoads (1863-1926) and Margaret Ely Paxon (1871-1949) granddaughter of Jonathan Rhoads (1830-1914) and Rebecca Garrett (1830-1905) daughter of Thomas Garrett (1809-1888) and Francis Biddle (1803-1873)  (BIDDLE Lineage: John, Owen, John, John, William and Lydia) NOTE: William Biddle (1806-1887) married Elizabeth Cresson Garrett (1806-1881), brother of Thomas Garrett--which I will cover in another post

The Society of Friends records and research show that the RHOADS and GARRETT families were prominent members of the Quaker community as well. The GARRETT family famed Abolitionists, I posted some photos and newspaper clips below. 

Esther's Education: Bachelor of Science, Earlham College, 1921. Doctor of Humane Letters, Earlham College, 1960. Doctor of Laws, Drexel Institute of Technology, 1962.  

Esther was a teacher and the head of the Friends Girls' School in Tokyo for over 50 years. She was also of great importance in work with Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia and with the American Friends Service, to assist Japanese-Americans affected by the War Relocation Act. 

Obit Esther Biddle Rhoads

Esther's Gr Grandparents Thomas Garrett (1809-1888) and Francis Biddle (1803-1873)
Garrett Family: Rebecca Garrett (1830-1905) daughter of Thomas Garrett (1809-1888) and Francis Biddle (1803-1873) wife of mother Jonathan Rhodes. 

Esther's great grandfather, Thomas Garrett (1809-1888) husband of Francis Biddle (1803-1873) He was the son of Philip Garrett 1780-1851 and Rebecca Cresson.  Thomas was "Station Master On The Underground Railroad "
Garrett Family Tree Historical Society and Pennsylvania Archives


Esther Biddle Passport 1920
Swarthmore, Quaker Meeting Records. Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

1914 Jonathan Rhoads Obit, grandfather to Esther Biddle Rhoads

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