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Family Photos Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody

Ruthie Stearns shared some photos and working on the genealogy Hope to connect with families who have these lines or branches close! Thanks
Mary Ann Potter Gould (1804-1900) daughter of Benjamin Potter (1791-1827) and Anna Kinsman (1773-1869). Wife of Allen Gould (1785-1865). Son Nathaniel married Rachel Perkins Peabody. Mary Ann Potter descendant of Jeremiah Kinsman of Ipswich, MA through her maternal side.
Anna Kinsman (1773-1869) daughter of William Kinsman (1752-1843) and Anna Brown (1758-1849). Granddaughter of Jeremiah Kinsman of Ipswich, MA Photo From "Candlewood, an Ancient Neighborhood in Ipswich: With Genealogies of John Brown, William Fellows, Robert Kinsman" Thomas Franklin Waters Salem, MA Press 1909

Mary Ann Potter Gould in Topsfield, Massachusetts

Nathaniel Gould (1831-1898) son of Allen Gould (1785-1865) and Mary Ann Potter (1804-1900) married Rachel A Perkins Peabody (1830-1874) daughter of Jacob Peabody (1764-1845) and Elizabeth "Betsy" Perkins (1796-1849). Nathaniel's Gould line (Allen, Nathaniel, Thomas JR, Thomas SR, Capt John, Zaccheus) more on family see Miner Descent and  Nutfield Genealogy
Nettie Florence Gould (1863-1948) daughter of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody married William Dennett Stearns (1867-1947) son of Joseph Oliver Stearns (1838-1917) and Helen "Nell" Dennett (1843-1874) see AnceStoryArchives  Netti Florence Gould and William Stearns Family: Son: Howard Oliver Stearns (1891-1966) married Maybelle North (1898-1980) daughter of William Lloyd North and Sarah Francis Daugherity (1867-1903). Daughter: Helen Rachel Stearns (1895-1975) no issue. 
Clara Brown Gould (1852-1903) daughter of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody married wife George H Welch (1850-1943) married October 1 1873. Children: George Clifton Welch ( married Anna Wooley daughter of John Wooley and Mary Marshall
George H Welch (1850-1943) son of Rev Francis Welch (1805-1894) and Harriet Atwood Conant (1818-1886)
Noted in "Philip Welch of Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1654: and his descendants" Alexander McMillan Welch

Harriet Atwood Conant (1818-1886) daughter of William Conant (1772-1858) and Ruth Foster (1781-1857) --wife of Rev Francis Welch (1805-1894) son of Joseph Welch JR (1768-1845) and ? Sargent (1771-1838) According to Daughters of the American Revolution records, Col Joseph Welch SR (1738-1828) served in Thomas Tash's regiment in Durham, NH and was a friend of General Washington's He married Hannah Chase (1738-1823) daughter of Francis Chase (1715-1805) and Sarah Pike (1715-1794)

Annie Kinsman Gould (1861-) daughter of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody--wife of Forrest O Jones (1864-1932) son of Thomas Jones of Maine
Home of Annie Kinsman Gould Jones and husband Forrest Jones 126 Main Street  Plaistow, NH.
Forrest O Jones the man with the mustache in Plaistow, NH
Melvin Watson Gould (1856-1929) son of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody. He married Mary Elizabeth Smith (1860-1931)
Nathaniel Lewis Gould (1859-1945) son of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody married Ida H Peasle (1859-1943) daughter of Reuben Peaslee and Cynthia ?. Daughter Alice Mabel Gould (1886-1975) married Winthrop Francis Dodge
Nathaniel Lewis Gould with niece Helen Rachel Sterns (1895-1975)
Helen R Stearns, Nathaniel Lewis Gould, Nettie Florence Gould Stearns, and Melvin Gould

Helen Rachel Stearns and Nathaniel Lewis Gould

Nathaniel Lewis Gould with family

Walter Scott Gould (1853-1954) son of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody. He married Winifred Flynn (1851-1917) daughter of Thomas Flynn and Winifred Burns. Children Florence Gould (1880-1966) and Fred Lewis Gould (1881-1941)

Willie Potter Gould (1868-1904) son of Nathaniel and Rachel Peabody. He married Alice Danforth (1868) daughter of Steven Bailey Danforth (1825-1897) and Lucy Ann Chase (1830-1907) Children: Leslie Harold Gould (1891-1901)
Standing Nettie Florence Gould,  Annie Kinsman Gould and
Clara Brown Gould daughters of Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody.
William Dennett Stearns, Nettie Florence Gould, Helen Rachel Stearns, Melvin Gould, Annie Gould Jones and Forrest Jones

Another son born to Nathaniel Gould and Rachel Peabody was Justin Gould (1866-1911) married Catherine Moynihan Children: Elizabeth L Ruddy 

Maria Louisa Peabody (1811-1907) sister of Rachel Perkins Peabody. Married John Marshall

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