Friday, February 15, 2019

The OBrien family of East Shannah Hill Co Kerry Ireland

Tim O'Brien took this photo when he went back to Ireland in 1933. Tom Palmer Cormack O'Brien 1890-1959 standing far right of Shanahill East, his wife Julia Foley O'Brien 1900-1953 standing far left and Tom's sister Magg Palmer Cormack O'Brien Courtney/Cournane 1891-1980 seated holding Tom & Julia's son Patrick O'Brien 1930-2000, Tom & Julia's daughter Maureen O'Brien Hovey b 1927 of Shanahill East to Shelbyville, IL standing far left in front of her mother , & Magg's daughter Joan Cournane Evans standing second from right next to her Uncle Tom , taken 20 July 1930, Photo found Chicago, IL, taken in Shanahill, Photo from Terry

The Late Tim O'Brien of Shannah East , Co Kerry , Ireland , Little Flower of Chicago father of Eileen , Theresa and Nancy O'Brien Welch Co founder of Perfect Science and Perfect Science AD co creator of Perfect Science Formula's that were talked about at Wesak in Mt Shasta , Calf, Drunvalo Talk Flower of Life . Aydu Water and Aydu Elic , The mother of Kevin Thomas Welch a real new age channell . Pan Thor Tech Andrew Nixon , Randall Miller , and Terry Welch who worked on the planet formula in Istanbul brought them their with the help of Andre Nixon , Charles Knox , Ralph Hunington, Jake Bell , The late Peter Brightmen , Haydu Food, New Jersy , Randall Miller Oak Hurst , NJ , and The Late Sister Maryanne Chapla , of New Year City and Florida. Archives Photo from O'Brien Family 

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