Tuesday, May 14, 2019

1683 Jackman Willett House Newbury Ma Book

The 1683 Jackman Willett House: A history of the families who lived here and of the current owner The Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury (SDFSN) The 1683 Jackman Willett House is a one and one half story house still standing in the Old Town section of Newbury, Essex County. Massachusetts. It is currently owned by the Society of the Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury (SDFSN). This book tells the story and history, of the house and Society and the genealogy of the families who lived there or owned and rented out the house including Jackmans, Willetts, Samuel Gerrish, Joseph Stanwood, Plumers, Danforths, and Hales. Richard Jackman and Elizabeth Plummer were the first residents. Their daughter Elizabeth Jackman married Joseph Willett. Stephen Pettengill Hale's estate sold the house to SDFSN in 1930. Several U. S. Presidents are descendants of the First Settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts and nearby Rowley, MA.

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