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Below is the Genealogy of the descendants of Isaac Stearns* of Watertown, Massachusetts. Issac Stearns arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony on the Arabella, the first of the Winthrop Fleet (June 1630). He settled in Watertown, Massachusetts. Mary Barker was daughter of John Barker and Margaret Walker.
These photos are from the collection of  the family of Ruthie Stearns daughter of Rev. Howard Stearns. Ruthie contacted me after reading my blog post on her 2nd great grandparents Joseph Oliver Stearns and Helen Louise “Nell” Dennett of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Photo of Joseph Oliver and Helen Louise below Please keep Checking Back More Photos will be added on the GOULD, SWETT, WELCH, JONES, and EASTMAN lines and the families they married into. Please contact me for permission to republish photos or material. Thank You!


A NOTE FROM RUTHIE STEARNS:  About a year and a half ago, I began  going through the photographs, notes, papers, diaries, and letters belonging to many of the lines of our family, which were saved by many of my recent ancestors, and organized by my parents, Howard and Barbara Stearns.    My goal at that time was to  catalog the collection in the family and scan the photos.  I happened to be googling family names, and stumbled on Melissa’s blog post on Joseph and Nell, only days after she wrote it.   What a surprise, and what a wonderful time we’ve had emailing and calling and visiting since then.  I’ve learned so much about local Amesbury/Salisbury history, and have shared many of the photos with Melissa since that time.  

Likely the most illuminating and valuable part of the collection, are the diaries of Helen (Nell) and Joseph.   Helen’s diaries covered 1858 to around 1870, (she died rather suddenly just before her 31st birthday in 1874) and Joseph’s from 1857 to 1870, and then picking up again in late 1880 and ending with his death in 1917.  I am attempting to transcribe them all, a task begun decades early by my late sister Anne.   She had done many of the diaries of Helen, along with her “Love Letters” which she wrote to Joseph during his 90 day service during the Civil War.  I wanted to continue the effort with Joseph’s diaries, and have transcribed about 15 years of his life thus far.  It’s been a fascinating task, and I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of the lives of these two ancestors of mine, whose life together was cut short.   Photo above of Ruthie Stearns and her Great Aunt Helen Rachel Stearns. Photo below The Diary of Joseph Oliver Stearns.

Many of the families that the Stearns line married into trace back to original settlers of New England. The POOR/POORE, STICKNEY, PEABODY, GOULD, CHASE, KILLAM, POTTER, EASTMAN, DENNETT, FROST, PERKINS, HALL, MORRILL, PILSBURY, OSGOOD, BROWN, BURBANK, PARKER, & Others. See Genealogy and memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his descendants

  • Gr. Grandparents Nettie Florence Gould Stearns and William Dennett Stearns in Haverhill
  • 2nd Great Grandparents Joseph Oliver Stearns and Helen Louise Dennett Stearns in Salisbury/Amesbury
  • 2nd Nathaniel Gould  (husband of Rachel Peabody Gould daughter of Jacob Peabody and Elizabeth Perkins) in Topsfield
  • 3rd Great Grandparents Adeline Eastman Stearns and Charles Oliver Stearns in Salisbury/Amesbury  
  • 3rd John Dennett son of William Dennett and Betsy Morrill and husband of Louisa Frost Dennett daughter of James Frost and Hannah Linscott in Salisbury/Amesbury
  • 3rd Mary Ann Potter Gould daughter of Benjamin Potter and Anna Kinsman married Allan Gould son of Nathaniel Gould and Hannah Killam in Topsfield (Parent of Nathaniel Gould)
  • 4th Great Grandparents Dorcas Varnum Stearns  daughter of Parker Vernum (son of John Varnum and Phoebe Parker) and Dorcas Brown daughter of Timothy Brown and Hannah Osgood . (wife of Oliver Stearns) in Dracut and Amesbury. Parker Vernum married 2nd Abiah Osgood of Andover
  • 4th Elizabeth Chase Eastman daughter of Jeremiah Chase and Hannah Pilsbury (wife of Jonathan Eastman son of Jeremiah Eastman and Edna Poore)  West Newbury and Amesbury
Adding some of the next generations of family lines

  • John Varnum s. of John Parker (son of Samuel Varnum and Dorathy Prescott)
  • Oliver Stearns s.of Josiah Stearns and Marey Corey
  • Josiah Stearns s. of Thomas Stearns and Abigail Reed
  • William Dennett s. of William Dennett and Mary Greenough
  • Besty Morrill d. of Moses Sargent Morrill (s. of Jacob Morrill and Dorothy Bagley) and Abigail Worthen (d. of Jonathan Worthen and Elizabeth Dresser)
  • Jeremiah Chase s. of Abel Chase (s.of Thomas Chase and Emma Kent) and Hannah Morse. Abel served in Revolutionary War – Captain Jonathan Poor’s Company from Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • Hannah Pilsbury d. of William Pillsbury (s. of Moses Pilsbury and Abigail Rolfe) and Mary Poore (d. of Benjamin Poor and Dorothy Pilsbury)
  • Jeremiah Eastman s. of  Jonathan Eastman (s.of Joseph Eastman and Abigail Merrill) and Martha Allen
  • Edna Poore/Poor d. of John Poor (s. of Samuel Poor and Hannah Morse) and Edna Stickney (d. of John Stickney and Mary Poor)
  • Hannah Linscott d. of Theodore Linscott (s.of Jonathan Bane and Sarah Nowell) and Dorcas Bane
  • Jacob Peabody s. of Jacob Peabody (s.of  Joseph Peabody and Elizabeth Bradstreet)    and Sarah Potter (d.of Ezekiel Potter and Mary Cummings)
  • JUST ADDED ON MAY 24, 2016
  • Fannie Ora Stearns b. March 8, 1854 Youngest (7th) child of Charles Oliver Stearns and Adeline Eastman Stearns m. John Francis Swett son of Timothy Swett (s. of Arron Sweet and Molly Colby) and Polly Osgood (d. of Nathaniel Osgood and Hannah Smith) from Salisbury Point, born December 1, 1849.  Fannie and John were married February 9, 1881.  Fannie d.  July 19, 1948, aged 94.   John died October 9, 1915, aged  65.  They had four daughters, Florence, Ethel, Mabel and Marian.
  • Florence Helen Swett, b. February 15, 1882 m. Roland Carter Chisholm September 20, 1911  m. George Morrill April 1928 Children: Dorothy Varnum Chisholm b. July 25, 1916  d. May 16, 1930 aged 13.
  • Ethel Stearns Swett b. June 11, 1885 m. Carl Leslie Williams June 11, 1913.  Ethel died November 1, 1935, aged 50. Children:
    1. Francis Paul Williams b. February 9, 1916
    2. Ralph Leslie Williams b. August 1, 1917
    3. Kenneth Stearns Williams b. September 2, 1919
  • Mabel Francis Swett  b. July 1, 1888   d. November 1888 infant.
  • Marian Eastman Swett b. February 14, 1895 m. Roy Hugo Richards December 20, 1923 died November 1981 age 86. Children:
    1.  Robert Eastman Richards b. April 11, 1925
    2.  Pauline Swett Richards b. December 9, 1926
     3.  Roy Hugo Richards Jr. b. April 23, 1932
Vital Records and Descendants

  • Adeline Eastman Stearns March 12 1813 – July 13 1893 (80 years) Wife of
    Charles Oliver Stearns, born November 8, 1813.  Adeline Eastman born March 12, 1813.  They married September 10, 1833.  She died July 13, 1893.  He died October 19, 1906. They had Eight children
    1.  Sarah Elizabeth Stearns October 16, 1834 – March 31, 1866.
    2.  Susan Adeline Stearns July 3, 1836 – January 7, 1923.
    3.  Joseph Oliver Stearns born June 14, 1838, died September 7, 1917.  married Helen Louise Dennett  January 1, 1867, who died March 25, 1874.  One son, William Dennett Stearns born October 25, 1867, died October 27, 1947.
    4.  Harriet Ann Stearns Feb 2, 1841 – September 12, 1911  (Hattie)
    5.  Mary Augusta Stearns August 18, 1843 – May 1832   (Gustie)
    6.  Ellen Dorcas Stearns  October 30, 1845 – Feb 2, 1945   (Nell)
    7.  Fannie Ora Stearns March 8, 1954-Dec 1, 1949 She married John Francis Swett, February 9, 1881.  Four daughters, Florence Helen Swett, Ethel Stearns Swett, Mabel Frances Swett, Marion Eastman Swett.
    8.  Laura Ann Stearns, twin to Mary Augusta Stearns, birth recorded at Salisbury but nothing more.
  • Charles Oliver Stearns  November 8, 1813 – October 19, 1906  (92 years)
  • Dorcas Varnum Stearns   June 15, 1788- September 18, 1865  (77 years)  Married Oliver Stearns   March 4, 1786 – June 7, 1826  (40 years)
  • Elizabeth Chase Eastman   April 2, 1794 – October 9, 1882  (88 years)  Married Jonathan Eastman   October 23, 1888 – July 6, 1861  (72 years)
  • Helen Louise Dennett Stearns  March 31, 1843 – March 25, 1874  (30 years)
  • Joseph Oliver Stearns   June 14, 1838 – September 9, 1917  (79 years)
  • John Dennett  January 1, 1811 – May 16, 1891  (80 years) husband of Louisa Frost Father of Helen Dennett
  • Louisa Frost Dennett  August 16, 1818 – March 29, 1897  (78 years) Mother of Helen Dennett
  • Mary Ann Potter Gould  December 5, 1804 – Feb 26, 1900  (95 years) Married Allen Gould born September 15, 1785 – August 5, 1862  (76 years)
  • Nathaniel Gould   April 22, 1831 – January 10, 1898   (66 years)  Married  Rachel Almira Perkins Peabody Gould    b. June 10, 1830 – April 6, 1874   (43 years)
  • Nettie Florence Gould Stearns   July 26, 1863 – September 16, 1948  (85 years)
  • William Dennett Stearns   October 25, 1867 – October 27, 1947   (80 years)
  • “Fanny” Frances Anne Huggins born July 19, 1833 d. of Anne Dorcas Stearns and Freeman Huggins wife of Leonard E Burbank. Her mother Anne was born August 2, 1811 and died January 21, 1838, and was the oldest child of Oliver Stearns and Dorcas Varnum Stearns. See Burbank Collection Photos and Art
  • Etta Stearns daughter of William Henry Stearns of Springfield, Mass.  She was born Jan 7, 1860;   married George Orson Hall of Willimantic, CT.   Etta’s father William was the sixth child of Oliver and Dorcas Varnum Stearns.
  • May Stearns daughter of William Henry Stearns of Springfield, Mass.    William Henry Stearns was the sixth child of Oliver and Dorcas Varnum Stearns.  May was born May 21, 1858;  she married George Watson Clark of Northampton, Mass.
  • Photos of the siblings of Charles Oliver Stearns.
    Chronology:  Oliver Stearns  married Dorcas Varnum March 15, 1810 in Dracut (Per Genealogy, however the vital records for Dracut says March 15, 1811).
     Eight Children
  • 1.  Anne Dorcas Stearns – married Freeman Huggins, one child,  Frances Anne Huggins who married Leonard E Burbank.   Anne was born August 2, 1811 and died January 21, 1838.   Frances (Fanny) was born July 19, 1833.  Freeman died when Fanny was a month old.
  • 2.  Charles Oliver Stearns Listed above
  • 3.  Susan Maria Corey Stearns born December 29, 1815, married Joseph Chandler, one son Charles Chandler born May 14, 1849.  Susan died April 18, 1862.  Lived in Winthrop ME.
  • 4.  George Parker Stearns born Sept. 22, 1817, manager of the Lowell Journal and Lowell Courier, died April 20, 1845, unmarried.
  • 5.  Luther Stearns.  Born August 17, 1820, died September 17, 1907.  Luther lived in Springfield, Mass, an engineer for the railroad.  Married Mary Alvord.  Six children.  George Luther StearnsEdward Alvord StearnsAlbert Henry StearnsMary StearnsCharles Ashley Stearns, James Parker Stearns, who had two children, Dorothy Nelson Stearns and Scott Monteith Stearns.
  • 6.  William Henry Stearns, born March 29, 1822, died July 10, 1899.  An engineer for the railroad, residing in Springfield, Mass.   Wife, Sarah Ann Durant.  Three children.  Charles Laurens Stearns, wife Ellen C. Foley, one daughter, Grace May StearnsMay Estella Stearns and Georgietta Edwards Stearns.
  • 7.  Laurens Stearns born January 7, 1825, died May 21, 1896.
  • 8.  Mary Elizabeth Stearns born January 7, 1825, died November 15, 1900.   Married William Harlow Hull, four children, Frank Laurens Hull (he’s buried in Omaha, Nebraska), Fred Stearns HullKate Florence Hull, and Harry Harlow Hull.
    The only formal portrait I have of any of COS siblings is that of his youngest sister, Mary Elizabeth Stearns Hull, her husband Harlan Hull and her daughter Kate Hull.
     Included here are pictures of Charles Ashley Stearns and his brother James Parker Stearns, along with the wife of Charles (Carrie Cooley) and the children of James (Dorothy and Scott).   Also photos of May Stearns (Clark) and Etta Stearns (Hall)
    Sources & References:

Special Thanks to Archivist and Author of Legendary Local of Amesbury, Margie Shepard Walker at the Amesbury Public Library, Amesbury Historian Steve Klomps, the Macy-Colby House in Amesbury, Newburyport Daily News, Cheryl Follansbee of Newbury, MA and Newburyport Genealogy Group, Archivist Richard Trask at the Peabody Institute Public Library, The Bartlett Farm and Bartlett Family of Salisbury, Gordon Harris of the Ipswich Historic Commission, and Paul Turner of the Salisbury Historical Society and Professor Emerson Baker author of A Storm of Witchcraft
The Charles Oliver Stearns Family Bible copy of a Marriage, Death, and Birth page.

HRS HOS WDS NFS COS LS_0001 Helen and Ruthie doll 1905(3)Helen Rachel Stearns, Ruthie’s Gr Aunt Helen in the Elmwood Cemetery Amesbury. Clothes for doll made by Ruth’s grandmother, Nettie Florence Gould Stearns and hair belonged to Ruth’s grandfather, Howard Oliver Stearns Sr.
Dorcas Varnum Stearns June 15, 1788 - September 18, 1865
Dorcus Varnum Stearns (1788-1865)
John Dennett January 1, 1811 - May 16, 1891
John Dennett father of Helen Dennett Amesbury, MA
Mary Ann Potter Gould December 5, 1804 - Feb 26, 1900
Mary Ann Potter Gould (1804-1900) m Allen Gould
Helen Louise Dennett Stearns March 31, 1843 - March 25, 1874
Helen Dennett Stearns (1843-1874) m Joseph O Stearns
Louisa Frost Dennett August 16, 1818 - March 29, 1897
Louisa Frost Dennett (1818-1897) mother of Helen Dennett
Elizabeth Chase Eastman April 2, 1794 - October 9, 1882
Elizabeth Chase Eastman (1794-1882) mother of Adeline Eastman
Joseph Oliver Stearns June 14, 1838 - September 9, 1917
Joseph Oliver Stearns (1838-1917) m Helen Dennett
Nathaniel Gould April 22, 1831- January 10, 1898
Nathaniel Gould (1831-1898) father Nettie F Gould
William Dennett Stearns October 25, 1867 - October 27, 1947
William Dennett Stearns (1867-1947) m Nettie Florence Gould
Nettie Florence Gould Stearns July 26, 1863 - September 16, 1848
Nettie Florence Gould Stearns (1863-1948)
Box 2 old family photos_0012 HOS Sr, WDS, JOS, COS, 1906
Stearns Men Four Generations Howard, William, Joseph, and Charles Oliver
Fannie Swett family_0001 Fannie Ora Stearns Swett RES great great great aunt
Fannie Ora Stearns Swett Amesbury, MA
Fireplace at Stearns home 315 Elm Street
Rocker interior of Stearns Home Amesbury, Massachusetts
Joseph Oliver Stearns in front of the family home at 315 Elm Street Amesbury MA
Joseph Oliver Stearns Home 315 Elm Street Amesbury/Salisbury moved to Bartlett Farm
Sarah Elizabeth Stearns
Sarah Elizabeth Stearns 1834-1866
shell picture
The Shell Picture: A Collection of Stearns Family Photos*
*The “Shell” picture.  Charles, Adeline, Sarah, Susan, Joseph, Hattie, Gustie, Nell and Fannie.   Ruthie Stearns notes that her parents always thought the shells came from Salisbury beach, but the diaries of Helen Louise Dennett Stearns provided a possible clue.   It’s  1862, and Helen (Nell) writes often of the Stearns girls around her age  (Hattie and Gustie and Susan mostly) who seem to be boarding at the Dennett home when they are either in school or working at a hat factory.  Ruthie suspects this is how Helen Dennett and Joseph ended up meeting.   Helen Dennett’s diary notes that Mr Stearns returned home from California, and that a few days later, she went to visit him with some of the Stearns girls, and he showed her this collection of shells he had brought back from California, after working there over two years.   Here’s what Helen  wrote, April 16th;  “…in the evening Gustie, Hattie and I went down to Rocky Hill; Gustie introduced to Miss Fowler; did not stop there long; it was very dark when we got down to Mr. Stearns’, spent the evening looking at the shells; Mr. Stearns brought home a great many from California;  they are the most beautiful shells that ever I saw, we staid till nearly 10 o clock waiting for the moon to rise;  came home on the railroad,had a very pleasant walk.”
Stearns Eastman_0001 Joseph William Charles and Howard
Another Four Generation Stearns Joseph, William, Charles and Howard
Nell's 90th
Ellen Dorcas Stearns 90th Birthday
Stearns Eastman_0002 Rocky Hill Meeting House
Rocky Hill Meeting House Amesbury, Massachusetts
Stearns Eastman_0004 Playing croquet with Uncle Joe's set he made
Stearns Family photp labeled Playing croquet with Uncle Joe’s set he made. Signed by Marion Eastman Swett
Stearns Eastman_0005 Joseph Oliver Stearns
Joseph Oliver Stearns in uniform
Stearns Eastman_0008 Joseph Oliver Stearns
Joseph Oliver Stearns
Stearns Eastman_0010 Stearns house
Stearns Home 315 Elm Street Amesbury/Salisbury Massachusetts
Stearns Eastman_0011 Mary Augusta Stearns
Mary Augusta Stearns “Gustie” 1843-1932
Stearns Eastman_0007 Joseph Oliver Stearns
Joseph Oliver Stearns Amesbury, MA
Stearns Eastman_0013 Adeline Eastman Stearns
Adeline Eastman Stearns Amesbury, MA
Stearns Eastman_0012 Charles Oliver Stearns aged about 90
Charles Oliver Stearns 90th year Amesbury, MA
Stearns_0002 Adeline Fannie Gustie Nell Charles Stearns
Adeline, Fannie, Ellen, Gustie, and Charles Oliver Amesbury MA
Stearns_0009 Mary Augusta Stearns Gustie
Mary Augusta Stearns “Gustie”
WDS family photos_0002
William Dennett Stearns
Stearns_0006 Susan Adeline Stearns
Susan Adeline Stearns 1836-1923
Stearns_0007 Hattie Harriet Ann Stearns
Harriet Ann Stearns “Hattie” 1843-1911
Stearns Eastman_0028 Stearns home
Stearns Home Winter 315 Elm Street Amesbury/Salisbury Massachusetts
Stearns Eastman_0019 Nell Marian and Fannie
Three troublemakers Ellen Dorcas Stearns, Marion Eastman Swett Richards, Fannie Orna Stearns Swett
Stearns Family Gathering Nell’s 90th in Amesbury, MA
This photo of the extended Stearns family was taken in 1935, at Nell’s 90th birthday celebration at the Elm Street house. Shown here, first row, Florence Swett Chisholm Morrill, Polly Richards, Ellen Dorcas Stearns, Howard Oliver Stearns, Jr. and Howard Oliver Stearns, Sr.  Back row, Roy Richards, Ethel Swett Williams, Roy Richards Jr., Nettie Florence Gould Stearns, Fannie Stearns Swett, Mr. Morrill, Marion Swett Richards, Mr. Williams, William Dennett Stearns.  Ethel, 50, in the back row holding Roy Jr., looks in the peak of health, but died four days after the photo was taken.
Stearns Eastman_0017 Charles Oliver Stearns
Charles Oliver Stearns
Stearns_0011 Joe Joseph Oliver Stearns at his workshop
Joseph Oliver Stearns Outside his Man Cave Shed
Stearns Eastman_0018 Stearns House Elm Street
Stearns Home 315 Elm Street Amesbury/Salisbury Massachusetts
Stearns Eastman_0027 Stearns home
Stearns Home 315 Elm Street Winter
Stearns_0004 Uncle Joes old shop Howard Helen Uncle Joe and Fannie aunt Nell and Marian
Uncle Joe’s (Joseph O Stearns) Old Shop Amesbury
Stearns Eastman_0015 Adeline Eastman Stearns
Adeline Eastman Stearns
Stearns Eastman_0016 Adeline Eastman Stearns
Adeline Eastman Stearns
Fanny Burbank2
Fanny Burbank
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0001 (1373) COStearns sister2
Mary Elizabeth Stearns  (1825-1900) wife of William H Hull
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0002 Mary Elizabeth Stearns Hull2
Mary Elizabeth Stearns 1825-1900
Howard Oliver Stearns circa 1897
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0004 Harlan Hull husband of Mary Hull
Harlem Harlow Hull
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0005 Mary Elizabeth Stearns Hull
Mary Elizabeth Stearns Hull 1825-1900
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0006 Charles Ashley Stearns (2938) son of Luther (2933) who was brother of COStearns
Charles Ashley Stearns Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0007 Charles Ashley Stearns
Charles Ashley Stearns Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0008 Carrie Cooley wife of Charles Ashley Stearns
Carrie Cooley Stearns Springfield MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0009 Charles Ashley Stearns.jpg
Charles Ashley Stearns Springfield MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0010 James Parker Stearns (2939) son of Luther (2933) who was brother of COStearns.jpg
James Parker Stearns Springfield MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0011 James Parker Stearns
James Parker Stearns Springfield,  MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0012 Dorothy Nelson Stearns daughter of JPStearns
Dorothy Nelson Stearns Springfield MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0015 Scott Monteith Stearns.jpg
Scott Monteith Stearns Springfield MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0013 Scott Monteith Stearns son of JPStearns
Scott Monteith Stearns Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0014 Scott Monteith Stearns
Scott Montheith Stearns Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0016 Etta Stearns Hall (2945) daughter of William Henry Stearns (2941) who was a brother of COStearns
Etta Stearns Hall Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0017 Etta Stearns Hall
Etta Stearns Hall Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0018 May Stearns Clark (2944) daughter of William Henry Stearns who was a brother of COStearns
May Stearns Clark Springfield, MA
Oliver & Dorcas descendants_0003 Kate Hull born 1860 Lowell, MA  daughter of Mary Hull
Kate Hull b. 1860 Lowell, MA d. of Mary Hull
Three Generations of Stearns Howard SR, Howard, JR and William Dennett
Helen, sporting a cool hat with brother Howard
Howard Oliver Stearns, SR. Haverhill
Howard Oliver Stearns circa 1897
Howard Oliver Stearns with sister Mildred Florence*
*Mildred Florence Stearns was born in Jan. 1893 and died of scarlet fever in March 1897.
Nettie with Helen 1896
WDS family photos_0005kidmom
Nettie, Howard, and Helen Stearns
WDS family photos_0007couple
William and Nettie content in their old age
WDS family photos_0010House
Stearns Family House 7 Shamut Ave Haverhill, MA
Helen Stearns at her loom in Haverhill, M
Helen Stearns Mount Holyoke College 1916
Fannie Swett family_0004 Ethel Stearns Swett
Ethel Stearns Swett Amesbury, Massachusetts
Fannie Swett family_0011 Dorothy Varnum Chisholm, Frances' daughter.jpg
Baby Photo of Dorothy Varnum Chisholm

Florence Swett Chisholm and Dorothy V Chisholm
Florence Swett Chisholm and Dorothy V. Chisholm
Stearns Eastman_0022 Marian Swett
Marian Swett with Pooch
Stearns Eastman_0023 according to notes in the Stearns Bible Ethel Williams died November 1, 1935...this picture was taken October 27, 1935..jpgFamily Photo taken October 27, 1935 According to Stearns Family Bible Ethel Stearns passed away November 1, 1935. Aunt Nell’s 90th birthday party, taken at the Stearns home on Elm Street.  Front row Ethel Swett WIlliams, Polly Richards (Marian’s daughter), Aunt Nell and Howard Oliver Stearns Jr.  Back row, Roy Richards Jr. (Marian’s youngest son) either George Morrill Florence’s husband or Roy Richards, Marian’s husband, Florence Swett Morrill, Nettie Florence Gould Stearns,  Fannie Stearns Swett, either George Morrill or Roy Richards, Marian Richards, Carl WIlliams, William Dennett Stearns and Maybelle North Stearns. Florence is holding Roy Jr., and Howard Oliver Stearns Sr. is in the front row next to HOS Jr.    I really suspect the man on the far left is George Morrill, and the man next to Fannie and Marian is Roy Richards Sr. 
Fannie Swett family_0008 Florence Helen Swett
Florence Helen Swett m. Roland Carter Chisholm
Fannie Swett family_0009 Florence and Ethel
Sweet Sister Photo of Florence and Ethel Swett
Fannie Swett family_0007 Ethel Stearns Swett
Ethel Stearns Swett m. Carl Leslie Williams
Fannie Swett family_0006 Ethel Stearns Swett Williams' sons, Kenneth, Paul and Ralph-1
Sons of Ethel Stearns Swett Williams Kenneth, Paul, and Ralph
Fannie Swett family_0005 Fannie, John, Florence and Ethel-1
Swett Family, Fanny, John, Florence, and Ethel 
Fannie Swett family_0003 Ethel Stearns Swett
Ethel Stearns Swett m. Carl Leslie Williams
Fannie Swett family_0002 John Francis Swett
John Francis Swett Amesbury, Massachusetts
Fannie Swett family_0001 Fannie Ora Stearns Swett  RES great great great aunt.jpg
Fanny Ora Stearns Swett Amesbury, Massachusetts
Group Photo at Shamut Ave House Stearns*
Nettie is on R, with Helen in her lap, and Howard and Mildred in front of her, standing.
A view of the Merrimack River Amesbury and Salisbury *
“Building new bridge across Merrimack R by Chain Bridge & Salisbury point  Nov 11, 1951.  Salisbury Pt in distance” labeled by Helen Stearns
Box 2 old family photos_0005 HRS and HOS
Helen Rachel Stearns and Howard Oliver Stearns, early 1900’s.
Haverhill scenes_0004 Auntie Helen on far right
Helen Stearns Haverhill at Bradford Academy
Haverhill scenes_0007
Trolley Station
Box 2 old family photos_0026 Washington DC school trip HOS Sr 4th row back 4th from right
Group Photo  Taken in Washington DC. Howard Oliver Stearns in back seated row, fourth from the right.
Haverhill scenes_0002 Whittier Birthplace Whittier Rd off Amesbury Rd Haverhill MA
John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace  Haverhill, Massachusetts
Box 2 old family photos_0027 HRS back row third from left George Cogswell School grade 9 class of 1908
Group Photo  Helen Rachel Stearns third from left in back row.
Box 2 old family photos_0028 Sunday School picnic NFGS with wrapped hat in sixth row HRS below her and to the left
Salisbury Beach Outing  Helen Rachel Stearns and her mother Nettie Florence Gould Stearns in photo.  Nettie is near the back under the window with the large wrapped hat, Helen is below her and to our left, under the infant.
Haverhill scenes_0003
Group Haverhill, Massachusetts
Box 2 old family photos_0030 HRS 3rd row 2nd from left
Photo  Helen Rachel Stearns in back row, second from left.
Box 2 old family photos_0020 armistice day Haverhill WDS worked at the Haverhill National Bank000
Downtown Havehill, Massachusetts
Haverhill, Massachusetts Armistice Day
Box 2 old family photos_0017 Haverhill National Bank WDS 2nd from right back row00
Group Photo Haverhill National Bank.  William Dennett Stearns second from end on the right in the back row.
Box 2 old family photos_0004 haverhill bank perhaps
Haverhill National Bank Haverhill, Massachusetts
Box 2 old family photos_0008 Haverhill bank perhaps
Haverhill National Bank Haverhill, Massachusetts
Box 2 old family photos_0006 Whittier homestead
John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace Haverhill, Massachusetts

Box 2 old family photos_0007 Whittier homestead fire
John Greenleaf Whittier House Haverhill, Massachusetts Fire
Haverhill, Massachusetts Flood 1936?
Box 2 old family photos_0011 Haverhill Flood0000
Haverhill, Massachusetts Flood
Haverhill, Massachusetts Flood 1936
Box 2 old family photos_0011 Haverhill Flood9999
Haverhill, Massachusetts Flood 1936?
Rye Beach, in New Hampshire.  Standing is Nettie Florence Gould Stearns.  Her daughter Helen Rachel Stearns on the far right.  Helen’s father WIlliam Dennett Stearns in the front.  Sitting with a coffee cup, is likely Melvin Gould, Nettie’s brother.  I don’t know who the couple on the far left is, but the man is not a Gould, making me suspect the woman could be Annie Kinsman Gould Jones, Nettie’s sister, and the man Annie’s husband Forrest Jones of Plaistow, NH.  1920’s.

*  Isaac Stearns and Great Migration Papers from American Ancestors
stearnsIsaacGreat Migration Begins_ Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-IIIStearnsIsaac2Great Migration Begins_ Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-IIIStearnsIsaac3Great Migration Begins_ Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-IIIStearnsIsaac4Great Migration Begins_ Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-III
Josiah Stearns of Lunenburg, Massachusetts was an officer in the Revolutionary War, Worcester North District. Hon. Josiah Stearns, Esq. of Lunenburg Tuesday, October 23, 1804 Federal Spy Springfield MA
Josiah Sterns 1

Josiah Stearns widow
CO Stearns
Helen R Stearns 27-thumb_709
Photo of Helen Stearns from Mount Holyoke College Archives
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A clip from “The Parker Family of Andover” By Charlotte Helen Abbott published by The Andover Historical Society on Phebe/Phoebe Parker who married John Varnum.
Varnum Family in New England News Friday, February 26, 1875  St. Albans Advertiser
Varnum1Great Migration_ Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume VII, T-YVarum2Great Migration_ Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume VII, T-YVarnumMassachusetts Vital Records to 1850Varnumfamily1Varnumfamily2Varnumfamily3Varnumfamily4

A Leaf from the Past Tuesday, July 5, 1859  Lowell Daily Citizen and News (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Grave Dorcas Brown Varnum Woodbine Cemetery Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Children (b. in Dracut, MA)
John, Jan. 12, 1773 – Feb. 20, 1776
Polley, Sept. 30, 1774 – Aug. 17, 1798
Dorcas, Sept. 28, 1776 – Mar. 10, 1787
John, June 25, 1778
Dolley, Mar. 12, 1780 – May 21, 1796
Clarissa, Jan. 27, 1782
Sarah Bowdoin, Jan. 16, 1784
Phebe, Dec. 15, 1785
Dorcus, June 15, 1788
Parker, May 19, 1790 – Dec. 18, 1824
Sukey, May 7, 1792
Charles, Jan. 1796 – Feb. 1, 1796
Charles, Sep. 1797 – Jan. 13, 1798
See “The Varnums of Dracutt (in Massachusetts) a history of George Varnum, his son Samuel who came to Ipswich about 1635, and grandsons Thomas, John and Joseph, who settled in Dracutt, and their descendants”  John Marshal Varnum


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