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Photo Collection of Carolyn Hart Wood


Carolyn Hart Wood, daughter of Elizabeth Hart Marlowe Wood and Henry Wood Jr. contacted me regarding her ancestor Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart (1622-1700), who was targeted in the the Salem 1692 witch hysteria. Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart was the daughter of Thomas Hutchinson and Anne Browne Hawkes and the wife of Issac Hart (1614-1699), son of Thomas Hart and Alice Waters. After a little research Carolyn discovered a wealth of information on her New England heritage. Special Thanks to Steve Hart of Keystone Heights, FL

Early History of Isaac Hart and Family

Isaac Hart came over on the ship The Rose (Captain Anderson, Master of the ship) which arrived in 1637, at the age of 22. He was a tutor for children of Richard Carver. He married Elizabeth Hutchinson about 1650.

July 30, 1640, Isaac Hart gave bond in £20, with Mr. Robert Saltonstall security in £10, for the good behavior of Hart, until he should depart from the Plantation, or bring a vote from {elders?} that he be free from fear [Massachusetts Colonial Records] A Meadow grant to Isaac Hart for 15 acres in Watertown was recorded. (Ancient Redding in Massachusetts Bay Colony H.L. Parker March 3, 1656, Isaac Hart, of Reading, and wife Elizabeth, sold to Samuel Stratton, of Watertown, land. “with an old house,” and other parcels of land. Oct. 4, 1656, he bought a farm of 270 acres of meadow land of Thomas Hutchinson in Reading, for which he paid 120 pounds. Recorded at Salem, Mass., book 14, page 263. This land was in what is now North Lynnfield. April 29, 1672, Goodman Stratton, aged 80, testified that Isaac Hart’s house was in Watertown Field, near Cambridge.
Watertown Records: Comprising the First and Second Books of Town Proceedings, with the Lands, Grants and Possessions, Also the Proprietors’ Book, and the First Book and Supplement of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Volume 1  Press of F.G. Barker, 1894. In 1640 Isaac was in Lynn, Massachusetts and in 1647 listed in Redding. In 1688 he sold his land to the town and the meeting house.  He lived west of the Wakefield Common Isaac’s land purchased is now where the Sagamore Golf Coarse is located.
The Essex Genealogist. (Online database., New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2011.) Including the first few pages on the most current updated research on the HART LINE published by New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston, Massachusetts
 Carolyn Hart Wood Line

  • Elizabeth Hart Marlowe and Henry Wood, JR. See Henry Wood and the Girouard Family of Leominster Massachusetts
  • Grace M Hart  1897-1969 and William J Marlowe, son of Thomas Marlowe and
  • George A Hart   1864-1938 and Bessie M Wilson
  • Henry Jackson Hart 1833-1891 and Lois Augusta Shute
  • Joseph Hart JR.1799-1882 and Harriet Davis Clark (1809-1873) d, of Phillips Clark and Sophia Fellowes (Joseph JR m. 1st Mary Richardson had one son Joseph L., b. 29 Jan. 1827; d. in Civil War at Lake)
  • Joseph Hart 1774-1830 and Elizabeth Tapley
  • John Hart 1733-1811 and Lydia Curtis
  • John Hart   1703-1777 and Mehitable Endicott
  • Samuel Hart 1656-1730 and Sarah Endicott
  • Isaac Hart  1614-1699 and Elizabeth Hutchinson 1622-1700 daughter of Thomas Hutchinson and Anne Browne Hawkes (daughter of Edward Browne and Jane Leids-widow of Adam Hawkes*)
  • Thomas Hart  1592-1662 and Alice Waters
  • Peter Hart and Alice Hope
  • *  Adam Hawkes m. Anne Browne on November 21, 1634 in Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts
George Albert Hart (1864-1938) and Bessie Wilson (1869-1951) and their three children Grace Hart (1897-1969), Dorothy Hart  (1900-1993) and Mary Lois Hart (1908-1978) lived in this small town of Essex, Massachusetts. It was a peaceful place, a little town on the Essex River, not far from the famous old port of Gloucester.
Elizabeth Hart Marlowe was born to Grace Hart and William J. Marlowe Mary 30, 1937.   She married Henry Wood July 26, 1958.  Henry is the son of Henry Wood and Annie Wood of Leominster, Mass.
Elizabeth and Henry were divorced 1968.   Elizabeth married 2nd Norman J. LaLonde October 24, 1969 and moved to Ocklawaha, Florida.  Norman died August 21 1981. She then married 3rd Chester Barrett September 4, 1982 and was divorced November of 1995.
Elizabeth (Betty) works as a receptionist at the Villages of Lady Lake at Ocklawaha, Florida. She has two grandsons.

Portraits Joseph Hart 1774-1830 and Elizabeth Tapley by William Matthew Prior in the collection of Hart/Wood family.  Joseph Hart was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts on October 28, 1774.  He was the sixth son of John Hart Jr. and Lydia Curtis. On March 25, 1799, Joseph married Elizabeth Tapley at Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Elizabeth Tapley was born on May 19, 1778, in Danvers, Massachusetts.  She was the daughter of Joseph Tapley and Mary Smith.  Mary Smith was daughter of Nathaniel Smith and Mary Flint. Mary was his step-sister via Gilbert Tapley’s marriage to Mary Flint Smith, widow of Nathaniel.  After his first wife’s death Joseph m. second Rowena Page.

Joseph Tapley, was son of Gilbert Tapley and Phebe Putnam daughter of John Putnam and .
Gilbert Tapley was born in Salem, Mass., May 6, 1722, and died in Danvers, Mass., June 17, 1806. He was a Lieutenant and marched in defense of the country on the 19th of April, 1775, in the Danvers Company, commanded by Capt. John Putnam. (Mass. Rev. Rolls, Vol. 13, p. 46.) John Tapley, born at Danvers, Mass., April 10, 1756. He was a Private in Capt. Samuel Flint’s Company, of which Timothy Pickering, Jr., was Colonel, and was at the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775. (Mass. Rev. Rolls, Vol. 12, p. 75.)
John Hewes was born in Lynnfield, Mass., July 13, 1741, and died February 14, 1817. He was 1st Lieutenant in Capt. John Bordwell’s Company, Col. Samuel Johnson’s 4th Essex County Regiment, from April 3, 1776. Commencing October 2, 1777, he served forty days as Lieutenant in Capt. Whittier’s Company, Maj. Benj. Gates’ Regiment, and marched to join the Northern Army. (Mass. Records Rev. War, Vol. 32, p. 269; Vol. 24, p. 95.)
From Register of the California Society of Sons of the American Revolution for Member David Hewes born in Lynnfield, Essex Co., Mass., May 16, 1822–Son of Joel Hewes and Ruthe Tapley. Grandson of Joseph Tapley and Mary Smith. Great-grandson of Gibert Tapley and Phebe Putnam. Grandson of John Hews and Anne Wellman. Great-grandson of Benjamin Hewes and Prudence. Great grandson of Samuel Hewes and Hannah Johnson. Great grandson of Joshua Hewes and Hannah Norden. See Hewes Family in Newbury, MA. John Putnam, son of John Putnam and Hannah Cutler. John Putnam SR, son of Nathaniel Putnam and Elizabeth Hutchinson daughter of Richard Hutchinson and Alice Bosworth. Hannah Cutler daughter of Samuel Cutler and Elizabeth ________.
A Special Memorium written on Elizabeth Tapley
Monumental Cemetery Wallis St. in Peabody, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Putnam was known as “Landlord Putnam,” a term given for many years to the oldest living member of the family. On December 10, 1688 Putnam was sent as one of the four elders sent to hire the Rev. Samuel Parris as their new pastor. After Parris was established at the Salem Church, Landlord Nathaniel Putnam became one of his strongest supporters, however when …….
Joseph Hart and Elizabeth Tapley resided at Lynnfield until about 1808.  There was a quarrel regarding the the division of old homestead farm and Joseph decided to move the family to Salem, Massachusetts. On December 3, 1830, Joseph drowned while cutting ice in a Salem pond.  Elizabeth died on July 10, 1853 at 75 years of age. Below Photos of Tapley family and Tapley House at 650 Lowell st c.1866 The people seen here are from left to right James Macgregor, Caroline Norwood Copp, Eliza Macgregor and George Norwood.


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