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Edward Henry Little and Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm

Edward Henry Little son of Henry Little and Phebe ? was born September 21, 1819 in Newbury Ma, and died February 27, 1877 in Newbury Ma. He married Catherine Adams Little (1828-1923) on March 21, 1850 in Newbury Ma. daughter of Ebenizer Little and Eliza Adams. Edward was GR Gr Gr Grandmother Sarah Jackson Little cousin

Edward was a tenant on the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm for approximately ten years (Essex County Registry of Deeds Book). He had a dairy business and farmed a variety of vegetables sold in community.
Henry Bailey Little
Daniel Noyes Little
Edward Francis Little

According to Yamin Methany Edward was most certainty an interested owner and several of his accounts and journals show how meticulous and engaged he was in the everyday affairs. in 1991 hundreds of copies of the Massachusetts Ploughman were discovered in the attic of the house. Edward also had a subscription to the agricultural newspapers until his death in 1877. He was a member of the Essex Agricultural society and was a trustee before he owned the farm.

1812 plan below show that the property served multiple agricultural purposes, providing tillage, pasture. salt marsh, and wood lots.

After his death his sons Daniel and Edward and started a business of importing draft horses from the Midwest.
From Transactions By Essex Mass Agricultural Society
Edward H. Little, Newbury, draft horse, 4th premium, 5 00

Edward F. Little, Newbury; best teamster of horses, Loring
premium, $10 00 Picture: View from the west of the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm1855 Photograph by Wilfred A. French

Thursday, July 17, 1947  Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA)

A Day to Remember Old Newbury
Descendants of George Little of Newbury
Visit The Spencer-Pierce Little Farm @ Historic New England Below is their link and some info
Little Family Papers

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