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Nathan Dow Chase Lynn, MA

Nathan D Chase was born in Lynn May 31 1800. He was the son of Daniel Chase and Margaret Peggy Fuller. He married Polly Stone October 3, 1819. Children: Daniel Franklin Dec. 21, 1819 Lyman Fuller  Jan. 30, 1841 Mary Ellen  Sept. 7, 1827
Nathan was an accomplished business holding many positions and serving on many board.

In 1821 Nathan introduced the covered wagon to Lynn to transport and market Lynn shoes. (The Organization of Boot and Shoe Industry) He was one of the largest manufactures in Lynn.

Nathan D. Chase shoe company on Broad street, 1836---Much of the manufacturing sixty years ago was done by Micajah C. Pratt, James Pratt, Nathan Breed, Isaiah Breed and Nathan D. Chase, whose manufactories were all on Broad street. Isaiah Breed's office was in his dwelling house on what is now the corner of Broad and Exchange streets. (Lynn and Surroundings By Clarence W. Hobbs)

Andrews Breed was president of the Lynn Institution for Savings and Amos Rhodes, treasurer. Among the trustees were Isaiah Breed, Micajah C. Pratt, Isaac Basset, Gould Brown, Nathan D. Chase and Samuel Boyce.


Office, Tibbetts’s Building, 46 Market.

Nathan D. Chase, President; Nathan D. Chase, Hiram N. Breed, William Bassett, John Story, Joseph N. Saunderson, Thomas P. Richardson, Amos P. Tapley, Warren Newhall, James Purinton, jr., Directors, Andrews Breed, Secretary.
Nathan was chosen as a director for the Eastern Railroad Co

John Howe, to be the active head of the Eastern Railroad at a salary of $5,000.00 per annum. Directors: George M. Browne, Boston; Nathan D. Chase, Lynn; John Howe, Brookline; Samuel Hooper, Boston; Henry H. Ladd, Portsmouth, N. H.; Micajah Lunt, Newburyport; John C. Lee, Salem; G. Howland Shaw, Boston; Albert Thorndike, Beverly.

Photo Eastern Railroad Locomotive No. 28

From Lynn Historical Society: Next east was the house of Daniel Chase, father of Nathan D. Chase. Daniel Chase bought this land of Charles Chase in 1798.

This house stood where H. D. Porter's store is, No. 11 Broad street. Daniel Chase died in 1807. Just around the corner of Broad and Chestnut streets was the house of Charles Chase, a brother of Daniel Chase. He had bought two and one-half acres, which formerly belonged to Matthew Estes, an uncle of William Estes J. Charles Chase had a small variety store on the corner of Broad and Chestnut streets. All of these houses have been demolished.
Essex (South District) Deeds, Book 85, Page 19. Essex (South District) Deeds, Book 165, Page 55. Essex (South District) Deeds, Book 165, Page 251.   Below is an old photo of Broad Street in Lynn

A little tidbit on Nathan from The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine:

In 1817, the Linnaean Society of Boston, Massachusetts, published a "Report relative to the appearance of a large marine monster, supposed to be a sea-serpent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, in August of that year." A good deal of care was taken to obtain evidence, and the depositions of eleven witnesses of marked integrity were taken. There was great uniformity in the testimony.

The Hon. Amos Lawrence, one of the most eminent of Boston's citizens, gave similar testimony from personal observation. His cottage was situated on high ground overlooking the bay, within less than a mile of the creature at times.

Colonel Harris, commanding at Fort Independence, Boston Harbor, stqted that such a creature had been seen and reported by his sentinels, while it was swimming around the fort in the early hours.

Many other accounts were stated and recorded, agreeing in the main with the above. I select that of Mr. Nathan D. Chase of Lynn, Massachusetts, as especially trustworthy and valuable from the fact that he was one accustomed to observe closely, and to record his observations in the light of much reading on semi-technical subjects. I am inclined to give unusual weight to his statement, also, from having known him intimately through life as a neighbor and friend, and, as such, having heard from him the "oft-told tale." The following refers to the second appearance of the seaserpent, in 1819, at Lynn. In a letter written in 1881 for the purpose of conveying concisely all he knew of the circumstances, with reference to recording them, Mr. Chase says:

In relation to the account given by myself of a strange fish, serpent, or other marine animal, I have to say that I saw him on a pleasant, calm summer morning of August, 1819, from Long Beach, Lynn, now called Nahant. The water was smooth, and the creature seemed about a quarter of a mile away; consequently we could see him distinctly, and the motion of his body. Later in the day I saw him again off Red Rock. He then passed along about one hundred feet from where I stood, with head about two feet out of the water. His speed was about that of an ordinary steamer.

What I saw of his length was about sixty feet. It was difficult to count the humps, or undulations, on his back, as they did not all appear at once. This accounts in part for the varied descriptions given of him by other parties. His appearance on the surface was occasional and but for a short time. The color of his skin was dark, differing but little from that of the water, or the back of any common fish. This is the best description I can give of him from my own observation. I saw the creature just as truly, though not quite as clearly, as I ever saw anything. I have no doubt that this uncommon, strange rover, which was seen by hundreds of men and boys, is a form of snake, Plesiosaurus, or some such form of marine animal. More on this check out Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Nutfield Genealogy

Below Nathan D Chase Obituary from October 26, 1883 Boston Journal


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  2. ALthough Mr. Chase appears to have been active in the Methodist Episcopal Church, many of the Lynn names you mention are Quakers and the area they lived and worked in was a Quaker area (Breed, Putinton, Newhall, and Boyce)!

  3. Nathan Dow Chase - was my husband's 8th cousin 5 times removed on his father's side of the family.

    Doug and Andrea Nowlin
    Pendleton, Indiana

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  5. Very interesting. I walk everyday in pine Grove cemetery. Came across his grave with a fairly large monument, and decided to look him up. I was not disappointed