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Cushing Guards of Newburyport

From the Archives & Shared Photos of Civil War Soldiers
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In October 1875 Newburyport held celebration and parade for the 100th anniversary of the Cushing Guards the men who fought in the Civil War from the area marched, feasted, and toasted. For More information on Civil War and Cushing Guards see The city of Newburyport in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865
Records at the PEM
Newburyport and the Civil War By William Hallett 
Cushing Guards among first to answer Lincoln's call by Joe Callahan
For More Civil War and Maritime Visit Custom House maritime Museum in Newburyport

This 1844 picture shows Caleb Cushing shortly after his successful negotiation of the Treaty of Wangxia, in the middle of his long political career. At the time this picture was made, Cushing still had years of service ahead of him: as Mayor of Newburyport, US Attorney General under Franklin Pierce, Minister to Colombia, and Minister to Spain, among other positions. From Sailing onward by BY DYKE HENDRICKSON

Monday, October 18, 1875 Boston Traveler (Boston, MA)

Col. Frederick J Coffin (October 17, 1807--July 26, 1880) son of Moses Coffin of Newbury and Mary Jones of South Hampton Early Vital Records of Newbury MA & Marriages and baptisms at South Hampton, N.H. 1743-1801: From a ms. copy of the church record 
Moses Coffin born 1772 was son of Eliphalet Coffin and Lydia Emery. Eliphalet Coffin was son of John Coffin and Hannah Cheney Lydia Emery was d. of  Moses Emery and Lydia Emery d.of Stephen Emery and Ruth Jacques

The USS Mississippi and the USS Missouri were the first two steam powered naval warships built by the US Navy when they finally got back into the steam warship business. From No. 2322: THE STEAM NAVY by John H. Lienhard

Ben Perely Poore

From the celebration day as recorded in Newburyport Herald 

"The photo of the man standing with the binoculars is that of Major-General Benjamin F. Peach, Jr. of Marblehead. He was the highest ranking officer in American Peach history. I have a full page photo of his face on p. 60 of The Peach Tree Handbook, Vol. III, Marblehead Branch. This is the first I have seen the photo Harvey submitted. Quite clear and impressive. 
John H. Peach" From General Peach, Civil War

Dr. Charles Haddock. (Photo from American Civil War Data Systems)

  Francis E Porter

                                              Grave of Captain Stephen D. Gardiner

Thomas H. Berry
Epaulets belonging to Gen. Joseph A. Ingalls, 1800s - Old State House Museum, Boston, MA
Frederick J Coffin in Newburyport

Joseph A Barlow

                                      From Clipper Heritage Trail Site City Hall, 1851

Check out another article featuring Coffin from Old Time New England from historic New England written by Mardges Bacon 1976



  1. Melissa. I see a photo of a Barlow on your ancestry blog. I have Barlows through my great great grandmother. Line starts in Nova Scotia with Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers.

  2. A number of the first Massachusetts State Police Officers in 1865 served in the Cushing Guard including Edward L. Noyes!