Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1890 Faculty Andover Theological Seminary & Isaac W Wheeleright

 The Faculty of the Andover Theological Seminary 1890. First Row: William Ladd Ropes, Egbert Coffin Smyth, and John Phelps Taylor. Second Row: Edward Young Hincks, William Jewett Tucker, Charles Cutler Torrey, and George Harris. Third Row: William Henry Ryder, John Wesley Churchill, and George Foot Moore. From THE ANDOVER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

Rev. John Phelps Taylor (son of Professor Taylor) graduated at Yale College, 1862; Andover Theological Seminary, 1868; ordained pastor of the South Church in Middletown, Conn., 1868; now pastor in New London, Conn.
William Ropes author of The Wants of Andover Theological Seminary


John Phelps Taylor

                                                Former Graduate Isaac W Wheelwright 


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