Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photos of Greenleaf and Boardman Lines

Some wonderful Photos of the Greenleaf/Boardman Line  Note: Tooker can be spelled Tucker

Jane Maria Greenleaf Boardman (1835-1899) daughter of Charles Greenleaf and Electa Tooker 

The only child of Jane and William-William Greenleaf Boardman  (1863-1908)

 William Francis Joseph Boardman (1828-1912) son of William Boardman and Mary Francis 

Eliza Fowler Root Boardman (1853-1921) daughter of  Horatio Root and Abigail Whittier Hussey

New York Times March 30 1902
Children of William and Eliza 

Eliza Ann Morgan (1848-1928) daughter of Jacob Morgan and Sarah Greenleaf Morgan

Rev Daniel Greenleaf (1680-1763) on of Stephen and Elizabeth (Gerrish) Greenleaf.

Rev Daniel Greenleaf Harvard Museum

Captain Stephen Greenleaf (1652-1743) son of Edmund Greenleaf and Sarah Dole Greenleaf

Electa Tooker Greenleaf  (1791-1861) daughter of Joseph Tooker and Hannah Toocker
will of his father John Tooker

Photo taken by brianz190 (#47157955) Cedar Hill Cemetery Hartford Connecticut, USA
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