Thursday, October 2, 2014

Abbie A Coffin

Abby/Abbie Ann Coffin, daughter of Enoch Coffin and Abigail Worth Coffin Enoch son of Hezekiah and Anna Hale
Hezekiah son of Eliphalet and Lydia Emery
Eliphalet son of  son of John and Hannah Cheney
John son of Stephen and Sarah Atkinson
Stephen son Tristram, JR and Judith Greenleaf
Tristram, Jr. son of Tristram, SR and Dionius Stevens
Abby was born September 2, 1839 in Newbury MA she lived to be 94 according to her obit, however the September article states the prior year she was 94 so someone had it wrong. If you do the math she was 95. She passed on March 16, 1934

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  1. If she was born and died as you state she wouldn't have been 95 for another six months, on 2 Sep 1939, so she DID die at age 94.