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Ezra Bartlett Master Mate USS Kearsarge

Looking for more info on family records, picture, and diary written by Ezra on board Thanks

Photo from  Grand Army of the Republic
Acting Ensign Ezra Bartlett served during the Civil War aboard the USS Kearsarge. The USS Kearsarge is most known for its famous sea victory over the CSS Alabama off Cherbourg, France on June 19, 1864. Born: Apr. 16, 1832 Stratham, New Hampshire. Died: Aug. 18, 1886 Stratham, New Hampshire. He was s. of Dr. Josiah Bartlett and Hannah Eleanor Weeks Thompson
He married Flora McIntyre, d.of Peter McIntyre and  Ann of Scotland.

Josiah Bartlett was son of  Ezra Bartlett (son of Josiah Bartlett of Kingston, NH--first signer of the Declaration of Independence) ) and Hannah Gale, d.of Amos Gale and Hannah Gilman of Kingston, NH
Hannah Thompson was daughter of Col. Ebenezer Thompson (son of Judge Ebenezer Thompson) and Mary Weeks  More info on genealogy below provided by Edward Gerrish of Newbury MA
Bartlett Family. Papers, 1710-1931. ca. 10,000 items. Includes several letters and a diary by Ezra Bartlett. (1832-1886) written on board the U.S.S. Kearsarge

USS Kearsarge Ship's officers pose on deck, at Cherbourg, France, soon after her 19 June 1864 victory over CSS Alabama. Her Commanding Officer, Captain John A. Winslow, is 3rd from left, wearing a uniform of the 1862 pattern. Other officers are generally dressed in uniforms of 1863-64 types. View looks aft on the port side. At left is Kearsarge's after XI-inch Dahlgren pivot gun, with its training tracks on the deck alongside. Those present are (from left to right): Chief Engineer William H. Cushman; Surgeon John M. Browne; Captain John A. Winslow; Acting Master's Mate Ezra Bartlett; Paymaster's Clerk Daniel B. Sargent; Lieutenant Commander James S. Thornton, Executive Officer; 2nd Assistant Engineer William H. Badlam; 3rd Assistant Engineer Henry McConnell; Acting Master James R. Wheeler; Boatswain James C. Walton; 3rd Assistant Engineer Sidney L. Smith; Gunner Franklin A. Graham; Acting Master's Mate Charles C. Danforth; Acting Master Eben M. Stoddard; 3rd Assistant Engineer Frederick L. Miller; and Paymaster Joseph A. Smith. US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 61669. The original glass negative is held by the Library of Congress.

 Rondin Photo 19th of June 1864 Cherbourg, France From Left to Right
#1- Quartermaster James Saunders-Medal of Honor Recipient
#2- Quartermaster Charles Butts
#3- Quartergunner and Captain of the Afterguard John W. Dempsey (Looking Pale and weak, his arm had been amputated less than 48 hours earlier but he insisted on being in the photo.)
#4- Boatswain James C. Walton
#5- 2nd Class Boy Manuel Jose Gallardo (12 years old)
#6- Extreme Rear Center- Quarter Gunner Andrew Rowley
#7- Captain of the Afterguard Henry Cook
#8- Midshipman Edward Preble- Officer in charge of this division
#9- Quartermaster William B. Poole- Helmsman at the time of the battle- Medal of Honor Recipient
#10- Acting Master Ezra Bartlett
#11-Quartermaster William W. Gurney

Friday, July 29, 1864  Paper: Providence Evening Press (Providence, RI)  

[Mr. Ezra Bartlett; Stratham; U. S.; Kearsarge; Navy Yard; Ordered; Duty; Appointed; Steamer] Saturday, January 18, 1862  Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, NH)

Saturday, April 16, 1904  Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA) 

From part of a letter written by J. Thorton, Lieutenant-Commander and Executive Officer to Captain Winslow, U S Navy 

   The marines fought the rifle gun upon the top gallant forecastle under the charge of Acting Master's Mate Charles H. Danforth. The action on our part was commenced by this gun, and its fire was rapid and effective throughout. The high reputation of their service was nobly sustained by the marine guard of this ship. The boatswain, James C. Walton, was observably active and efficient. Gunner F. A. Graham's duties were all performed efficiently and merit commendation. The carpenter's mate, Mark G. Ham, is well known to you, sir, as a faithful and competent man. His conduct in the battle was distinguished by the cool and intelligent performance of his duties. It is unnecessary for me to call your attention to the officers commanding the gun or master's division, as their duty was performed under your own eye. I am happy to commend Acting Master's Mate Ezra Bartlett, in charge of the shell supply, for his coolness and efficiency.

2nd Letter

Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D. C.

        SIR: The Department having given instructions by letter of the 7th instant to report in cases of officers or men who, for conduct in the action of the Kearsarge and Alabama, were deserving of special mention, I beg leave to reply that in the report of the executive officer, which was fully endorsed by me, immediate attention was devoted to this subject, and the names of such officers and men were indicated as were deserving of merit by special mention.
        The divisions commanded by Acting Masters James R. Wheeler, Eben. M. Stoddard, and David H. Sumner were all well served, the officers in command setting an example of coolness and zeal worthy of commendation. And I beg to refer particularly to the services of Acting Master James R. Wheeler, who, in connection with the action, has been otherwise active in command of the Annette, and on other duty in the [English] Channel during the past severe winter; and his efficiency as an officer being of the highest standard, I deem a special mention in his case should be made.
        I would also refer again to Acting Master's Mates Charles H. Danforth and Ezra Bartlett. Both of these gentlemen, for services rendered in the action, for ability, and for unexceptional good conduct during the cruise are deserving of reward.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


  1. I have a Sarah Winslow who Married Myles Standish jnr in about 1650, But no Further details. I also have Ebenezer Bartlett, Ephraim Bartlett, Jerusha Bartlett, Robert Bartlet, Again with no dates of birth or death but their placement in my tree points to between 1650 and !800, Any leads would be appreciated.

  2. I have Sarah Winslow marrying Myles Standish Jnr about 1650 With no further details. I also have Ebenezer Bartlett, Ephraim Bartlett, Jerusha Bartlett, and Robert Bartlett, Their placement in my tree points to them being born Between about 1650 and 1800, Any Information would be welcome. Alan Mealey.

  3. Hey Melissa - just a quick note to thank you for Kearsarge info. I've been interested in her history as she produced the just reward for the CSS Alabama. I know it's past history but her captain, Capt Semmes, caught up with the Sonora, a US merchant ship under the command of Capt. Brown of Newburyport and his first mate, Isaac N. Colby. The Sonora was set on fire and the crew put on her ship's small boats out of sight of land and with no navigational instruments and without food or water. The nearest coast was a tiger infested jungle in the Straights of Malacca. Anyway, obviously they, the crew of the Sonora made it as I am here to write about it. I've often thought of visiting Cherbourg to have a glimpse out past the harbor entrance to let my mind ponder what the battle looked like. Also, another connection was that my father had his twenty-first birthday in Cherbourg while assigned Shore Patrol duties as an enlisted man during WWII. He writes to his parents describing the pock-marked walls of the town and that the Germans were still there but under armed guard, this time. Little tidbits of history like this always interests me. Thanks for sharing.