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Captain Henry Kingsbury Salisbury MA

Captain Henry Kingsbury (Samue P, John, John, Henry, John, John, Henry) of Bath, Maine, married, Nov. 14, 1838, Nancy Pike Lowell, daughter of Benjamin Wadleigh Lowell (177-1848) and Martha (Pike) Lowell, born in Salisbury, Mass., March 28, 1817. Descendant from Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich and Haverhill. Benjamin W Lowell son of Simeon Lowell (1745 - 1830) and Anna Wadleigh Lowell (1750 - 1789) The New England Historical and Genealogical Register,: Volume 45 1891

The genealogy of the descendants of Henry Kingsbury, of Ipswich and Haverhill, Mass. (1905) When about eleven years old Captain Kingsbury was placed in the care of Captain Reuben Osgood of Salisbury Point, while running a vessel between Salisbury and the coast of Maine. From a cabin boy he advanced to second and first mate of several ships, all the while studying thoroughly the system of navigation, and fitting himself for the position he sought, that of captain of a merchant vessel. He was finally placed in charge of a ship belonging to Caleb Cushing, and sailed out of Newburyport on several voyages to foreign parts, seeing service on the ocean for twenty-four years. In 1846 he entered the West India goods trade at Salisbury Point, in company with Robert Fowler.

The firm continued for several years, when Captain Kingsbury purchased Fowler's interest at Salisbury Point, and largely increased the business, adding coal supply, purchasing coal by the ship load. He constructed coal sheds and was the pioneer in this branch of trade, and at one time he was one of the wealthiest men of the town, and active in advancing its interests; but reverses of fortune followed to some extent, and he retired from active business life. Captain Kingsbury was the oldest member of the Powow River Lodge of Odd Fellows at the time of his death. His wife died Sept. 3, 1888. He died in Salisbury Point, Amesbury, Aug. 6, 1890.
Henry Lowell, b. June 6, 1840, Salisbury Point.
Charles Benjamin, b. June 4, 1846, Salisbury Point.
Annie Kingsbury, b. Sept. 8, 1853; m., July 28, 1874, Rev. Otis Olney Wright, a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church; formerly of Riverside, R. I., now of Sandy Hook, Conn. Ch.: (1) Henry Kingsbury, b. Sept. 7, 1875; d. Feb. 31, 1893. (2) Lucy, b. Dec. 9, 1876; grad. Wellesley College, 1900. (3) Selah Howell, b. Jan. 21, 1882. (4) Cecil, b. March 4, 1886. Harriet Kingsbury (Samuel', John, John, Henry', John, John, Henry), married, Feb. 9, 1837, Captain Joseph Hammond Curtis, born in Biddeford, Me., Feb. 5,1811. She died in Kennebunkport, Me., May 5, 1856. He died Jan. 25, 1879.

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Photo below Hiram Husband of Mary Bartlett Lowell

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