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Photo Colby

Photo of George C W Colby gift of Patti Clasen
Isaac Newton Colby gift of Patti Clasen
Hannah Taylor Colby gift of Patti Clasen

Capt. Isaac N. Colby with Mary Amelia Haskell Colby (dressed in white)
William Johnson ColbyA Remarkable Life Remembered Review at Wickedlocal

  H. G. Johnson
William J. Colby’s sister, Elizabeth Cushing Colby born aboard ship in the China Sea in 1872, married Craven Langstroth Betts, a noted poet of some renown in 1906. I found Elizabeth’s grandmother was Fanny Matilda Betts who had married Caleb Haskell and was the daughter of Dr. Azor Betts of revolutionary war notoriety, a founding father of St. John, New Brunswick, and the grandfather to Craven. It seems that Craven and Elizabeth had the same great grandparents in Dr. Azor Betts and Glorianna Purdy Betts. Puzzle was solved but more thought was produced upon this relationship.
Capt. Isaac N. Colby with his wife Mary Amelia Haskell Colby dressed in white, and guests.

Mary Amelia Haskell Colby
Craven Langstroth Betts 1853-1941, husband to Elizabeth Cushing Colby m.1906
Harriet Taylor Colby, daughter of George Curwin Ward Colby and Harriet Kitching. Harriet T. Colby was one of seven children from the marriage of George and Harriet. Harriet and George’s marriage in 1832 produced Mary Elizabeth Colby in 1833, death unknown but living with her parents in Newburyport with her three children from a marriage to Henry P. Griffith on New Year’s Day in 1857; George William Colby born 1836 and died in the China Sea in 1863. Interesting that George’s brother Isaac Newton Colby born in 1838 had a daughter, Elizabeth Cushing Colby, born in 1872 on the China Sea (food for thought on this coincidence);

Thomas Foulds Ellsworth
 Early 1900's on Orange Grove Street, Pasadena, CA Thomas Foulds Ellsworth ad his wife Harriet Taylor Colby

Charles Henry Colby gift of Patti Clasen born 1845 and died after 1905; Rufus Francis Colby only lived three years from 1848-1851.

Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth Ipswich lighthouse keeper father of Thomas F Ellsworth

William Merrill Ellsworth (1845-1897) son of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth and Laura Ann Titus. Husband of Jennie A Lord. 
Susan Treadwell Ellsworth (below photo
Alfred Hartwell Ellsworth (1868-1932) son of Thomas Ellsworth and Harriet Taylor Colby

Harriet Taylor Colby Ellsworth and her son Elmer Foulds Ellsworth (1862-1915)

George C. W. Colby had been married before to a Dorothy B. Philbrick in 1825. Dorothy and George had three children, two of which were called Hannah, after George’s mother Hannah Taylor, and another daughter by the name of Caroline. They did not survive but for a year or two and in fact, Caroline only a few months in 1831. Dorothy died a few months after Caroline probably due to childbirth complications but the facts remain hidden.

And so, I sit here in my warm home along the mid-coast of Maine on this cold and blustery day on November 18 in 2014 and don’t daydream about the past so much but ponder some questions that come to mind. How does a man like George Curwin Ward Colby manage the mental stress and discomfort of loosing a wife and three young children as well as other family members not surviving a full life? Faith perhaps. What are the implications to such close blood relations within the Bett’s family? Nothing perhaps, just interesting fodder. Between 1864 and 1872 how do you connect the birth of a daughter in the China Sea to the death of a brother eight years earlier in such a remote part of the world? What’s the significance? Fate perhaps as I cannot see how these events could be planned in those days. Life and death is usually not planned even in these modern times but modern technology could make the coincidence of the place on earth for these events to happen more possible. Lastly, for now, the habit, insistence, and/or the common practice of naming an offspring after family members interests me and although sometimes confusing it often gives further insight into relationships. Obviously, George’s naming three daughters after his mother, Hannah (Taylor) Colby demonstrated a strong, I believe positive, feeling for her. Below is George's daughter Hannah Taylor Colby

Thomas Foulds Ellsworth (1840-1911) married Harriet Taylor Colby (1841-1933) on March 6 1861. Harriet, daughter of George Curwin Ward Colby (Isaac4, Isaac3, Isaac2, Anthony1) and Harriet Kitchen. George Curwin Ward Colby married first Dorothy B. Philbrook, daughter of Simeon Philbrook on March 27, 1825. The family lived on the present Arthur Taylor place and then removed to Newburyport, MA.  George was a truckman and had extensive business for several years. The house was located on 62 Middle Street. Dorothy died Sept. 12, 1831, and he married Harriet Kitchen/Kitching April 27, 1832.  
Thomas Foulds Ellsworth and Harriet Taylor Children:
Elmer Foulds Ellsworth Born October 10th 1862 Massachusetts, Died November 28th 1915 in Pasadena, California.
Herbert Lee.  Born in Newburyport , Mass. October 19th  1866, Died Pasadena March 31st 1963 married Mary Elizabeth Geyer
Alfred Hartwell. Born February 2nd 1868 Ipswich, Mass.  Died December 27th 1932 in Pasadena, California. 
Edward Kinsley., b May 20, 1871
Susie Taylor, b. June 15, 1874. Death April 1881 in (Scarlet Fever)
Info from "History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire, Volume 2" By Moses Thurston Runnels. See Photos below

Young William Johnson Colby
William Johnson Colby in the Colby Cottage on David’s Island. Courtesy of Mark Colby

Craven Langstroth Betts 1853-1941, husband to Elizabeth Cushing Colby m.1906

sketch of WJC done in 1892 aboard Capt. Isaac N. Colby's bark H. G. Johnson by William's sister and Capt. Colby's daughter Elizabeth Cushing Colby Betts

 William Johnson Colby - David's Island c. 1950s

Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth was one of four soldiers who earned the Medal of Honor for heroism during the battle at Honey Hill, South Carolina, on November 30, 1864. Under a heavy fire he carried his wounded commanding officer from the field, thereby saving his life and preventing him from being captured. 

 Thomas Fouls Ellsworth was born in Ipswich, MA November 12, 1840. He was the son of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth (1812-1902) and Laura Ann Titus (1810-1867) daughter of John Smith Titus (1780-1868) and Sally Boyton (1784-1871). John Smith Titus was son of Captain Samuel Titus and Anne Bigelow.

Laura Titus was formerly married to Timothy Jewett Ellsworth of Salem, Massachusetts. More family photos end of post Benjamin N Ellsworth son of William Ellsworth and Esther Noyes. Pictures of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth and Laura Ann Titus below from Short family and Ipswich History

 This is an early photo of Benjamin Ellsworth standing in front of the Ipswich lighthouse. Benjamin Ellsworth was keeper at the Ipswich Range Lights from 1861 until 1902. He was appointed by Abe Lincoln. The lighthouse was taken down and moved in 1939.

The New York Times February 21 1902 cited Benjamin Ellsworth as the oldest Lighthouse Keeper in the world!

Top Article Benjamin Ellsworth; Ipswich; Castle Neck; Thursday Monday, March 3, 1902  Fort Worth Morning Register (Fort Worth, Texas)

Benjamin Ellsworth with children in Ipswich in the Ipswich Chronicle


John Smith Titus (1780-1868) and his wife Sally Boyton Titus (1784-1871)

Timothy Jewett Ellsworth (1805-1859) son of William Ellsworth and Esther Stanwood Noyes. Husband of Laura Ann Titus.

William Merrill Ellsworth

 Mary Houghton Ellsworth


Anna Hale Colby 

Charles Henry Colby 

Milly Colby daughter of George 

Back of photo recorded by Laurie Short Jarvis  GGG Uncle Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth, son of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth (Ipswich lighthouse keeper during the 2nd half of the 1800's) Recieved the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving the life of his wounded commanding office who was trapped under his horse at the Battle of Honey Hill. He was in the 55th Black Infantry out of Mass, referred to as the 'overflow unit' for the infamous 54th of "Glory' fame. The men from the 55th were moved into the 54th after the 54th recieved heavy casualties. The 54th and 55th fought side by side at Honey Hill. Was wonded at Gettysbury 2/3/1863

Thomas Foulds Ellsworth was wounded in the ankle at Gettysburg July 3, 1863, but not considered disabled so he reenlisted. He was discharged January 19, 1864 on receiving commission of of second lieutenant in the 55th Massachusetts October 4, 1863. He became first lieutenant June 20, 1864 for his bravery and promoted to Captain December 1, 1864. He was awarded one of our country’s top honors for saving the life of his commanding officer in the battle of Honey Hill in 1864. Under heavy fire, and at great risk to his own life, he carried his wounded commanding officer from the field of battle. Ellsworth had joined the Union Army’s Second Massachusetts Volunteers as a private while still in his early twenties and went on to see action in numerous battles including Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  He was promoted to an officer due to his reputation for bravery under fire. Ellsworth faced a major challenge when he was selected to serve as an officer of a company in one of the first regiments made up of “colored soldiers” in the Union Army, the Massachusetts 55. This regiment struggled to get the respect and support that they deserved, but went on to gain distinction for their valiant actions in battle in South Carolina. After the war, Ellsworth worked for many years as an officer of the Boston Custom House. In the 1890s, he moved to burgeoning city of Pasadena where he and his son ran a successful contracting business. He also organized Post 100 of the Grand Army of the Republic Friday July 16, 1869 in Ipswich. 

Medal of Honor Valor Awards Earned The Medal of Honor During the Civil War For heroism November 30, 1864 at Honey Hill, South Carolina. Under a Heavy Fire Pasadena Museum of History Thomas F Ellsworth on exhibit

Thomas F Ellsworth Saturday, October 3, 1874 Boston Daily Advertiser


Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth (1843-1898) son of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth and Laura Ann Titus. He married Elizabeth Ann Lord. 

Elizabeth Ann Lord (1850-1934) daughter of Ebenezer Lord III and Hannah Staniford Ross. Ebenezer Lord III was son of Ebenezer Lord and Elizabeth Kimball

Elizabeth Kimball (1785-1871) daughter of Caleb Kimball and Elizabeth Hammond. She married Ebenezer Lord, father of Ebebenzer. 

Lucy Mary Ellsworth (1877-1932) daughter of Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth and Elizabeth Ann Lord. Wife of Augstine Heard Peatfield (1878-1965). 

Augstine Heard Peatfield JR (1878-1965) son of
Augstine Heard Peatfield SR and Josephine Poulison. Husband of Lucy Mary Ellsworth.

Edith Titus Ellsworth (1882-1941) daughter of Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth and Elizabeth Ann Lord. 

Benjamin Forest Ellsworth (1889-1894) son of William Elmer Ellsworth and Jennie A Lord. 

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